BCT654: Innovation Project Thesis, UiTM, Malaysia High NRW (Non-Revenue Water) Rates Water produced by treatment facilities but not delivered to consumer houses because

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject BCT654: Innovation Project

High NRW (Non-Revenue Water) Rates Water produced by treatment facilities but not delivered to consumer houses because of pipe leaks, inaccurate customer meter, and unlawful use is referred to as NRW. With a national average of 35%, Malaysia’s NRW rate is too high. This rate translates to 35 liters being lost for every 100 liters of treated water. Thus, over a third of the water that ought to be distributed to consumers “disappears” instantly (Abdul Rahman, 2021). Determining how long it takes for a leak to be noticed could be challenging.

This varies depending on the location and whether the home has many bathroom plumbing systems. (David, 2021). The old way to detect leaking pipes is to use the wave reflection method. A leak pipe can be recognized around a severe curve and up to seven reflections from features or leaks may be detected, at which point the wave has traveled more than 95m Even though the location of the reflection from a leak is distributed across a given distance and thus does not create an accurate reflection of the wave, the tests established the site of a leak to within 5% accuracy (Bohorquez et al., 2020). This indicates a lot of water loss, which the main reason is leaking pipes. As a result, there are several advantages to implementing a High Tech Plumbing detector to solve the problem of leaking pipes (Alkasseh, 2015).

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Clogged water lines are the source of pipe leaks, water damage, and damaged pipes. Water constantly backs up when water pipes get obstructed. This results in substantially higher water pressure in the pipe system, which may easily lead to leaks(Laury, 2019). Maintenance problem, the plumbing system of a building is often placed within the building. The plumbing system of a building is frequently so sophisticated that it is impossible for a non-professional to maintain and run it (Diao & Shih, 2019).

Leaks can be detected using several methods or equipment developed by other industries. These non-acoustic techniques, such as the tracer gas methods, moisture photography, and ground-penetrating radar have been used in a limited way, however, their effectiveness is not well established. As a consequence, the traditional method of repairing leaking pipes is unsuccessful. However, modern technology, such as this broken water pipe detector, may assist discover leaking pipes fast and precisely(LEAKING PIPES, 2022).

Water leak incident is clearly indicated by the difference between the supply and consumption quantities, it is difficult to identify the actual location of the leak because of the design house (Kei, 2014). In the design and execution of plumbing systems in buildings, architectural engineers encounter several obstacles. The changed design of the house makes it more difficult to perform maintenance.

Furthermore, the estimated data cannot be uploaded directly into the system for future observations and inspections (C. Sarah, 2019). The challenge of tracing water lines in remodeled dwellings may be solved successfully and safely for the current generation (Khairol, 2017). Consequently, in order to ensure that this issue minimizes, it must be resolved in an innovative and effective method.

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