BDA101: Two datasets about games on the Steam platform have been provided to you on the LMS: Analytics for Decision Making Assignment, HU, Malaysia

University HELP University (HU)
Subject BDA101: Analytics for Decision Making Assignment


Two datasets about games on the Steam platform have been provided to you on the LMS:
– gameInfo.csv
– gametags.csv

You are required to use Tableau to perform data analysis on the datasets to help a business stakeholder in decision making and write a report with the following headings:
Problem Framing

Identify a business stakeholder who would be interested in using your analysis for decision making. Some examples could be:

  •  game developer
  • game publisher
  • an investor or sponsor for a game developer
  • games store owner

For the stakeholder you have selected, define the problem that is faced and develop hypothesis-driven business questions for your analysis.

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Data Sensemaking
Perform exploratory data analysis to understand the data and include relevant visualizations. Describe any data wrangling such as new calculated fields or transformations that are performed. Be sure to justify why the data wrangling is performed in terms of the business questions that you are trying to answer. Include screenshots of all calculations and transformations with your explanations with clear captions and numbering of the figures.

Analytical Model Development
Explain the analytical model that is used in the business decision making process based on your problem definition and business questions (hypothesis testing, predictive model, clustering model, etc). Include the visualizations that are used in the analytical model.

Using Tableau, develop a dashboard that will be used by the stakeholder in decision making for the business questions that you have defined. Include the screenshot and explain the controls that will be provided for interactive exploration of the dashboard.

Insights and Recommendations
Based on your analysis, explain the insights that you have learned and recommendations for the stakeholder. Include suggestions for operationalization of the recommendations.

Additional Notes about Submission
Your compiled report should be about four pages, written in Times New Roman size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing. Include all references cited in APA Format, including generative AI such as chatgpt. Include the transcript of any ChatGPT-generated text in an appendix. Use the referencing style recommended by McAdoo (2023).

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