MPA21603: Managerial Economics Assignment, UTHM, Malaysia The demand and supply concepts are two of the basic concept in microeconomics. Select any decision-making

University Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)
Subject MPA21603: Managerial Economics

The demand and supply concepts are two of the basic concept in microeconomics. Select any decision-making in our working operational environment OR organizational decision-making in the Malaysian industry and discuss how both concepts can affect our managerial decision in the related working environment or organizational decision-making.

  • Discussion on how demand and supply concept, elasticity application and market equilibrium relate to our decision-making in an operational working environment OR organizational decision-making.
  • Conclusion and recommendations should include the essence of what is being learned from the firm or organizational managerial decision-making from a microeconomic point of view or knowledge. All opinions need to be justified or supported by evidence from relevant textbooks or other scholarly articles/journals.

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