BHMC3004: Statistical Analysis for Communication Assignment, UOG, Malaysia Briefly explain how this could be done

A. Sampling
Q1. Refer to Data Assignment 1, and select a proportionate stratified probability sample of 40 cities according to the region. Briefly explain how this could be done. Put up your sample.

B. Descriptive Statistics
Based on the sample obtained in part A Q1.

Q1. Identify the type of variable and level of measurement for each of the following variables.
(i) Region
(ii) Rent Index
(iii) Restaurant Price Index Group

Q2. For Region and Restaurant Price Index Group,
(i) construct a joint frequency distribution for the selected variables.
(ii) use a suitable graph to represent the joint frequency distribution in part (i).
Interpret the graph.

Q3. Refer to the variable Local Purchasing Power Index.
(i) Construct a suitable stem-and-leaf display. Comment on the display.
(ii) Determine the relevant measures of central tendency and measures of
dispersion for the distribution of Local Purchasing Power Index in part (i).

Q4. Refer to the variable Cost of Living Index.
(i) Construct a suitable frequency distribution for the data and use a suitable
graph to present the frequency distribution. Hence, comment on the graph.
(ii) Convert the frequency distribution in part (i) into a more than cumulative
frequency distribution. Draw a relevant graph to present the cumulative
frequency distribution obtained.
(iii) Find all the relevant measures of central tendency and measures of
dispersion from the graphs obtained in part (i) and (ii).
(iv) Based on the frequency distribution in part (i), calculate the relevant
measure of central tendency and measures of dispersion for the data.
(v) Interpret the values of the measure of central tendency obtained.
(vi) Suggest a measure of central tendency and a measure of variability that is
suitable to represent the set of data.

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