Research and analyze one rape case, one murder case, and one domestic violence case in Malaysia: Psychology Assignment, UNM, Malaysia

University University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM)
Subject Psychology


– Research and analyze one rape case, one murder case, and one domestic violence case in Malaysia (Any cases from the year 2000 up to the year 2023) from the internet, newspaper, Journal, Book, etc.

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– The case could be solved case, unsolved case or ongoing case. For each case;

– (i) Select a suitable theory of crime relevant to each case and discuss your view/opinion.

~ (ii) In terms of the three aspects of fear of crime (towards you and the community) briefly describe each of the three aspects with each case.

– (iii) Discuss the possible psychological consequences to the victim as well as witnesses, family members and friends of each case.


Your answer should be around 10 to 12 pages, 1.5 lines spaced, Times Roman, 12 Font.

Please attached the actual cases as well (appendixes). No marks will be given if you do not provide/attach the actual case. Provide a reference for the article in APA format.

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