This assignment entails analyzing a dataset focused on the green purchase intentions of college students in a major educational institution in North India (data taken from Kumar, Rakesh (2022): Business Analytics, Assignment, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)
Subject Business Analytics


Case study

This assignment entails analyzing a dataset focused on the green purchase intentions of college students in a major educational institution in North India (data taken from Kumar, Rakesh (2022). A total of 253 responses were collected on various constructs associated with green purchase intentions. The survey was administered in class-room settings using a structured questionnaire.

Seven-point Likert scale (where 1=strongly disagree and 7=strongly agree) was used to elicit respondent’s response on various constructs such as subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, ethical obligation, green purchase intention and green purchase behavior. The data also consists of demographic information such as gender, age, and marital status. The dataset is provided in the excel sheet.

Question 1.A Getting started

Work Required: Before you start performing the various analysis on SPSS, you are expected to:

  • code the data available in Appendix 1
  • find the average of the items in each construct.

In preparing your answers to all questions (From question 2.A onwards). Only use the cleaned data. Note that you are required to save the cleaned data set and submit it as a separate file with your assessment.

Question 2.A Perform descriptive statistics and associated methods

Work Required: Using the cleaned data set, you are expected to perform the following methods and analysis:

  • Conduct descriptive statistics to gain initial insights into the distribution of variables.
  • Develop a regression model to determine the factors influencing green purchase intentions of college students. To develop the regression model, you must use the values of the average of the items in each construct (done in part 1A).
  • Test at 5% significance level whether age has effect on the green purchase intentions of college students.
  • Conclude by performing the factor analysis to explore the underlying structure of the variables related to ethical obligation, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, and green purchase intentions.

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Question 1.B Propose practical implications of SEM findings

Work Required: You are expected to provide four (4) relevant practical implications of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in promoting sustainable consumption among college students. For each implication consider the perspective and interest of various stakeholders.

Question 2.B Present actionable recommendations

Work Required: Based on the various findings generated in part A, you are expected to present three actionable recommendations for businesses aiming at promoting green products and services.

In preparing your answer, you must demonstrate that the recommendations are specific, feasible and aligned with the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) findings.

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