BTX5220: International Issues in Employment Law Coursework, MUM, Malaysia If individuals were employed solely on their ability to do the job, there would be no need for any anti-discrimination statutes

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject BTX5220: International Issues in Employment Law

Details of Task: Individual assignment. Each student has to submit answers to the two questions.

1 “If individuals were employed solely on their ability to do the job, there would be no need for any anti-discrimination statutes.”

2 “Currently, the official ideology of maintaining industrial harmony has made lawful strikes by trade unions of employees pretty nearly impossible.” Support, refute or refine this assertion.

Specify the number of words at the end of your assignment.

This is a highly demanding and challenging task. It cannot be completed overnight or within  a couple of days. So, be prepared to invest considerable time on the assignment every week. All members in a group will be responsible for managing a fair and equitable distribution of workload.

Each and every member of the group is responsible for maintaining group dynamics and effectiveness. Time, patience, communication skills and commitment are all essential to enjoy the benefits of having many hands and many heads with diverse skills. Thus, successful group work requires each member to focus on the process rather than just the product. The group is required to handle internal conflicts

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