Finance in Action Assignment, HWU, Malaysia Collect data on a range of financial instruments (including shares, indices, currencies, and cryptocurrencies

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject Finance in Action


Collect data on a range of financial instruments (including shares, indices, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Analyse stylized facts on these instruments in accordance with the guidance in the literature. Provide reflections on what the stylized facts reveal about the nature of financial markets.


Use sustainability metrics to construct an efficient portfolio of shares. Use guidance from the literature to decide on the size of your portfolio, metrics to be used, and period of time covered. Critically reflect on the performance of your portfolio.


Critically reflect on a merger or acquisition that you are familiar with. Provide a conclusion on the extent to which the merger or acquisition enhanced long-term shareholders’ wealth.


Apply a discounted cash flow technique in determining the intrinsic value of a share. You will need to identify and provide empirical estimates of your valuation inputs. Critically reflect on the extent to which shareholders’ wealth of the entity has been maximized. Identifying significant strategic management decisions and their effects on key performance metrics will play a key role in your reflections.

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