FFN20303: A bond matures in 12 years and pay 8 percent coupon annually. The bond has face value of RM1000: Money And Capital Market Assignment, MSU, Malaysia

University Management & Science University (MSU)
Subject FFN20303 Money and Capital Market Assignment
  1. A bond matures in 12 years and pay 8 percent coupon annually. The bond has face value of RM1000 and currently sells for RM985. What is the bond’s current yield and yield to maturity?


    1. Current yield.

Coupon Payment = CR% x Par value

Current Yield (%)        =     Coupon Payment

                                                Value or Price of Bond

Yield to maturity. (answer:8.19%)

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YTM = CP + (PV – Vb)/n

                                     (PV + Vb)/2


2.Kufman Enterprise has bonds outstanding with a RM1,000 face value and 10 years left until maturity. The bonds have an 11 percent annual coupon payment. The current price of these bonds is RM1,175. Calculate:


  1. Current Yield (CY).


  1. Yield To Maturity (YTM).


3. A bond that matures in 10 years sells for RM985. The bond has a face value of RM1,000 and a 7 percent annual coupon. Calculate;

Current Yield (CY).

Yield To Maturity (YTM).

4. A 10-year, 12 percent semi-annually coupon bond, with a par value of RM1,000 sells for RM1,100. Calculate;


  1. Current Yield (CY).
  2. Yield To Maturity (YTM).

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