FIN 302: Financial Environment Assignment, MRSB, Malaysia Which economic and legal factors have been affecting your selected financial institutions? Give appropriate reasons to justify your arguments

University M. Ross School of Business (MRSB)
Subject FIN 302: Financial Environment

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the relationship between economic and legal factors prevailing in the financial markets and institutions.
  • Compare the regulatory mechanism and risks associated with the money, bond, and equity market.
  • Analyze the process of operational structure and regulations of the commercial banking industry to deliver effective banking services.
  • Evaluate the impact and operational reach of various non-banking financial institutions.


  • Which economic and legal factors have been affecting your selected financial institutions? Give appropriate reasons to justify your arguments.
  • Compare the regulatory mechanism and the risk associated with the financial market in which your selected financial institutions are listed. Here, also identify the various risk factors which are particular to your selected financial institutions.
  • What are the off-balance sheet items? Are they existing for your selected financial institution (banking)? Why do they hold great significance despite the fact that they are not reflected on the balance sheet? Rationalize your views with an example.
  • How does adverse selection relate to your selected non-banking financial institution? What is the adverse selection risk for insurers marketing life annuities?

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