Human Computer Interaction Assignment, UU, Malaysia In order to use external knowledge sources for innovation activities in organizations, recently crowdsourcing platforms

University Ulster University (UU)
Subject Human Computer Interaction
  • In order to use external knowledge sources for innovation activities in organizations, recently crowdsourcing platforms have been increasingly suggested and used.
    a) Explain your understanding of crowdsourcing.
    b) Describe how crowdsourcing contributes to human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • a) Describe THREE (3) populations of users with special needs in the context of user interfaces.
    b) For each population stated in Question 2(a), suggest THREE (3) ways of current interfaces which could be improved to better serve them.
  • For each of the input devices below, describe their features and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. Identify which input device you will choose to facilitate you in drawing multimedia design, browsing eCommerce websites, and lurking on others’ Instagram profiles. Provide your justifications for the selection of an input device for each activity.
    a) Wireless Mouse Pen
    b) Touch Screen
  • Keying is often the slowest part of a computer system, and a good dialog will minimize the number of keystrokes required. Discuss any FIVE (5) strategies for minimal user action and the highest accuracy of information obtained from users.

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