JGB 22203: Applied Statistics Assignment, UniKL, Malaysia You are required to do a survey regarding the height of students

University Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
Subject JGB 22203: Applied Statistics



You are required to do a survey regarding the height of students in UniKL MITEC. Collect 30 samples of data about their student ID, program, and height using a form in the Appendix. Test at � = 0.05, the claim hypothesis that the height of Asian people is less than 190 cm.

Ungrouped data
Variable – Programme

a) Construct frequency distribution table

b) Present the data in bar chart or pie chart.

Variable – Height
a) Construct stem and leaf diagram.
c) Calculate the measurement of central tendency (mean, median and mode).
d) Determine the sample standard deviation and sample variance.
e) Find the value of range, interquartile range and quartile deviation.
f) Construct the box plot.

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