MGT507: Research Methodology Research Paper, LUC, Malaysia The covid-19 crisis impacted the world continuously including individuals, society, economics, and business

University Lincoln University College (LUC)
Subject MGT507: Research Methodology


The covid-19 crisis impacted the world continuously including individuals, society, economics, and business. Covid-19 is one of the most worldwide unforeseen events of the century and it has affected insurance companies and insurance regulators far-reaching. It started as a serious health problem, which escalated and caused severe damage to people’s families, finances, and economy quickly. People must adjust as cities and countries fall into lockdown. Same to the insurance industry is no different and all the insurance-related companies had to adjust immediately. Insurance companies must deal with difficult market terms and conditions while maintaining the business operation and providing the service to the consumers continuously and also ensuring the employees are protected. Regulators had to determine and implement methods to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the insurance industry while also having similar operational issues.

A lot of business lines could not continue to operate the business since the global economy dropped due to the country’s lockdown. According to this situation, some insurance policies will be triggered and the insurance company had to bear the loss or damage. However, the pandemic also creates new opportunities for insurance companies. Lots of products with covid-19 protection/ coverage come into the markets and people might be keen to purchase the products since the epidemic is a continuous disaster. Another unforeseen epidemic might happen again in the future. This research will focus on the strait for the insurance industry during the covid-19 pandemic and the need for covid-19 related insurance cover from the markets. Furthermore, this research will explore the new development of insurance company business strategies for a similar pandemic in the future.

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