Comparative Ethics Assignment, AeU, Malaysia Moral ethics are considered relative, which means it is strongly related to culture and circumstances

University Asia e University (AeU)


“Moral ethics are considered relative, which means it is strongly related to culture and circumstances. It is also relative to the specific needs of an individual.”

Do you agree with this statement? Discuss your answer considering all the aspects involved with relevant evidence from any theory or perspective of ethics.


Can we judge a behavior or an action whether it is morally good or bad based on the results of that action? Explain the concept of good or bad from the perspectives of different religions or philosophies.


Discuss your view on this issue: Was the man described above guilty of murder and should go to jail or receive the death penalty? What were the man’s ethical perspectives? What is your opinion regarding this issue? Support your opinion with different perspectives on committing assisted suicide that you have learned from various theories of ethics and examine your own values to construct a reasonable point of view.

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