Wind Engineering Thesis, UTM, Malaysia There is an urgency for us to implement energy saving in buildings because of the high energy consumption and CO2 emission

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Subject Wind Engineering

There is an urgency for us to implement energy saving in buildings because of the high energy consumption and CO2 emission. Previous research shows approximately 30-40% of total global energy consumption and significant greenhouse gas emission is contributed by the building sector, with HVAC systems being the biggest contributors. In Malaysia, an HVAC system is inevitable for every residential unit because of our hot and humid climate.

Most of the interior spaces of our housing, especially in attic space had unbearable high temperatures due to the abundance of sunshine and high solar radiation. According to the data collected by the Malaysian Meteorological Department, it shows that in Malaysia there is rarely a stretch of no-sunshine day except during the northeast monsoon season. As a result, the heat penetrates through the building envelope mostly in form of solar radiation, rather than conduction & convection.

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