Discuss whether Mewah Corporation is doing well with regard to strategic staffing: Strategic, HR Planning, Selection and Recruitment Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Strategic HR Planning Selection and Recruitment Assignment
QUESTION (Strategic HR Planning, HR Forecast, HR Supply, Recruitment, Selection)
Strategic Staffing at Mewah Corporation

Mewah Corporation has decided to proceed with its growth strategy next year. More effort and focus has been put on manpower planning, development and productivity. Mewah Corporation believes effective Human Resource Management (HRM) functions can support this new direction and helps to achieve companies’ competitive advantages and reputation. The owner, Mr. Ammar asks HR Department to change the previous recruitment practice. Based on the earlier records, Mewah  Corporation tends to receive a pool number of applicants for its job openings, and it is expected that it can be processed within a shorther duration compared to the previous practices.

Looking for high-potential employees and high performers, Mewah Corporation started to capitalize on the trend of using social media to source and recruit. The company opens a Twitter account and starts tweeting its job openings to people following the company. Mewah Corporation keeps its posts on Monster.com, a large and popular job board, to maximize the number of applications. The process of application will start with filling up an online application, and the information is sent to a database. A recruiter then will immediately send any applications that pass an initial competency screen.

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The next is the recruiter emails the candidate to request a sample portfolio of the applicant’s work. However, normally the candidates will face an issue of
rejection of their portfolios by recruiters’ email accounts, and then they are required to fax the documents. It happens due to no cloud storage mechanism at Mewah Corporation. Instead of the large number of applications received, those not passing the initial screen remain in the database unviewed and are not contacted in any way.

Applicants passing the initial screen are invited for the next stage of a telepone interview with a recruiter for an assessment of basic jobrelated competencies. Out of them, only top 10 candidates are invited for an interview stage. It is a facetoface interview to determine “personorganizationfit” and “personjobfit”. At this selection stage, only the top scoring 5 candidates are
then invited for an interview with the hiring manager, who makes the final decision. After that, a background check is performed and those who passed only will receive a job offer. In the case that a candidate declines the offer, the next highest scoring candidate receives a background check and a job offer until no acceptable finalists are left.

Mewah Corporation has to evaluate its effectiveness in staffing based on the number of applications it received, the duration to fill the position, and whether or not one of its first two job offers was accepted. Mr. Ammar has also emphasized on utilization of current employees towards more effective manpower planning and career growth besides improving employee motivation and engagement. He is planning to add one more graphic designer for branding purposes. It has always been in his mindset to do restructuring in the future for Mewah Corporation to sustain in business. To him, operations at Mewah Corporation could be improved through restructuring.
Based on the above case, answer the following questions:
1. Discuss whether Mewah Corporation is doing well with strategic staffing, and how could Mewah Corporation staff its graphic designer positions more strategically?

2. It has always been in the owner’s mindset to consider restructuring for Mewah Corporation to sustain in business in the future. Elaborate reasons and roles of HR planning, recruitment and selection in restructuring.

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