Entrepreneurship Essay, UUM, Malaysia What are the differences between managers and entrepreneurs, and why should entrepreneurs be concerned

University Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Subject Entrepreneurship

Question 1

What are the differences between managers and entrepreneurs, and why should entrepreneurs be concerned about improving their businesses? Identify a minimum of four (4) differences and elaborate accordingly.

Question 2

  • What are the major challenges faced by SME (Small Medium Enterprise) entrepreneurs in Malaysia? List a minimum of four (4) major challenges and explain to support your statement.
  • What support can be offered to SMEs during the turbulence or slow-down economy? Elaborate on your findings.

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Question 3

Steve Jobs and his friend Stene Wozniak were self-taught engineers who created one of the most popular, revolutionary, technology brands, “Apple”. Steve Jobs was not the first person to have an idea to create a user-friendly computer, and he was not the first person to come up with an idea about music players or smartphones, but he was the first person to implement them. He covered potential ideas and then implemented them in ways that no one had ever dreamed of before.

Apple products, whether they be a computer, laptops, iPods, iPhones, iTunes, or otherwise, are featured everywhere. Not only Apple products are of high-quality technological items, but the company also has superior branding and a strong company image making them, one of the most popular and easily recognizable brands in the world.

  • Why do some people choose to be “entrepreneurs” instead of an employee? Write five (5) reasons to support your opinion.
  • From the above case study, identify and explain any five (5) traits/characteristics of Steve Jobs that helped him to be successful in his business.
  • In your opinion what are the factors that can limit the opportunity for entrepreneurship? Identify a minimum of five (5) and elaborate.

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