WIX1002: Your company has received several new projects this month. All these projects are equally important: Fundamentals of Programming Assignment, UOM, Malaysia

University University of Malaya (UOM)
Subject WIX1002 Fundamentals of Programming Assignment


A. Problem specification

Your company has received several new projects this month. All these projects are equally important, with certain level of technical difficulties and challenges. You have been instructed by the CIO to lead a team of 4-5 members, to handle one of the projects.

You have to complete the project and prepare a presentation. Have fun and be creative! You will eventually sit down and be impressed by your own work! All the best!

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B. Group Formation
1. Form a team of 4-5 members (same group session) to do the project.
2. Every team member must contribute to the project, including certain amount of coding. The role played by and contribution of each member to the project must be included in the managerial report.
3. There are 8 assignments. Choose one that you find its interesting. Fill in your ‘Group Name’ and Topic that you interested to work on by Week 4 (30 Oct 2023, 2359) in Assignment – Topics. Since anyone has the ability to edit the Google Sheet, please avoid making changes to the data that has
already been input by other students.

C. Submission
1. A technical report explaining the assigned project, the requirements of the project, the approach taken to solve the task, a detail description of your solution (includes the flow-chart, modules, etc.), sample snapshot of your program output.

2. A managerial report explaining the formation of the team, role and assigned work for each of the
members, the project timeline, the problems faced in accomplishing this assignment and your
solutions, and other issues arise.

3. The complete source code.

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