Problem Solving and Programming Assignment, UM, Malaysia Write a C++ program that obtains the following values from the user: An integer number A floating point number A string value

University University of Malaysia (UM)
Subject Problem Solving and Programming


  • Write a C++ program that obtains the following values from the user:
    a. An integer number
    b. A floating point number
    c. A string value
    The program should display the values entered using the following formats:
    a) The integer number should be displayed as a decimal, hexadecimal, and octal value, left-justified within the field, the width of which is 6;
    b) The floating point number should be displayed with a +/- sign and four digits after the decimal points using the fixed decimal point and scientific notation.
    c) The string should be displayed right justified in a field, the width of which is 25; unused spaces within the field should be filled with a • character.
  • Write a C++ program that uses manipulator setw() to print the diamond shape as follows:

Problem Solving and Programming

  • Write a C++ program that reads a floating point number (of type double) to represent a radius for a circle. Calculate the circumference (C) of the circle using the formula C = 2πr, where PI(π) is defined as 3.14159. Use preprocessor directives # to define the PI value. Display the result in two decimal places.
  • Write a C++ program that reads a floating-point number (of type double) from the user. The program then separates the number into its integral part and fractional part. For example, if the input is 123.456789:

Problem Solving and Programming

  • Write a C++ program that reads a character (A-Z, a-z) from the user and produces a decimal value for it. Use static cast in your program. Sample output is shown below:

Problem Solving and Programming

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