Write SQL queries to answer the following questions. Use the information given in each table: Database Assignment, IIU, Malaysia

University INTI International University (IIU)
Subject Database Assignment

1. Write SQL queries to answer the following questions. Use the information given in each table.

Database Assignment
a) List the customer details who has a balance of more than 300.

b) List the customer’s name, area code, and invoice number of all customers. Sort the answer in descending order by customer name.

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C) List the male customer details whose name starts with the letter

d) Find the number of male customers and display the column name as ‘Total

e) Find the minimum, maximum, average, and number of customers for each area code.

f) Change the balance for Siti to 500.

g) Find the name of a customer who lives in the same area as Diana.

2. Consider the structure of the following PRODUCT table.

a) Write the SQL command to create a new table called PRODUCT based on the information given in Table 1 below.
Database Assignment

b) Change the field length of the description to VARCHAR(30) in the PRODUCT table.

c) Add a price column in between description and code in the PRODUCT table. This column only allows floating number data to be entered with a maximum precision of 3 digits and a scale of 2 digits.

d) Rename column description to in the PRODUCT table. This column only
allows variable character data to be entered with a maximum of 30 characters.

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