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CBE450 Microbiology For Bioprocess Engineer UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

CBE450 Microbiology for Bioprocess Engineer at UITM Malaysia is a fundamental training program focused on the handling and recognition of microorganisms. Through selected laboratories, students learn about the vital roles of microbes in everyday life applications. 

The CBE450 course emphasizes laboratory skills essential in microbiology, including microscopy, sterile technique, cultivation and isolation techniques, as well as the identification and manipulation of microorganisms. 

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Assignment Task 1 : Describe the diverse microorganisms group according to their physiological characteristics and their role in the evolution of life on earth.

Microorganisms are a diverse group of living organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. They play crucial roles in the evolution of life on Earth and have a wide range of physiological characteristics. Here, I’ll describe some major groups of microorganisms and their contributions to the evolution of life on our planet.

  • Bacteria: Bacteria are single-celled prokaryotic microorganisms. We are found in various environments, including soil, water, and the human body. Some bacteria are essential for the biogeochemical cycles, such as nitrogen fixation, which is vital for plant growth. We also play a role in fermentation, which is crucial for producing food items like yogurt and cheese.
  • Archaea: Archaea are another group of prokaryotic microorganisms that thrive in extreme environments, such as hot springs and deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Their ability to survive in harsh conditions has implications for understanding the origin of life and the potential for life on other planets.
  • Protists: Protists are unicellular eukaryotes that are diverse and abundant in aquatic environments. They play a crucial role in the food web as primary producers and as predators of bacteria, thus regulating microbial populations.
  • Fungi: Fungi are eukaryotic microorganisms, including molds, yeasts, and mushrooms. We have a significant impact on the nutrient cycling in ecosystems as decomposers, breaking down organic matter and recycling nutrients back into the environment.
  • Viruses: Viruses are unique entities that are not considered living organisms, as they cannot reproduce independently. However, they have a major impact on evolution by transferring genetic material between different organisms, facilitating genetic diversity.

The role of microorganisms in the evolution of life on Earth is multi-faceted. We have been instrumental in shaping the Earth’s atmosphere and the development of early life forms. Microorganisms contributed to the oxygenation of the atmosphere through photosynthesis, paving the way for the evolution of aerobic organisms. We have also been involved in various symbiotic relationships with higher organisms, influencing the development of complex ecosystems. Furthermore, the study of microorganisms and their genetics has provided insights into the mechanisms of evolution and has been foundational in the field of biotechnology.

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Assignment Task 2 : Differentiate the mechanism and metabolite of microbial in bioproduct development.


Microbes are employed in bioproduct development due to their diverse metabolic capabilities and genetic versatility. Some key mechanisms include:

  • Fermentation: Microorganisms like bacteria and yeasts can ferment sugars to produce valuable products like ethanol, organic acids, and biofuels.
  • Enzyme production: Microbes are used to produce enzymes that are used in various industrial processes, such as the production of detergents, textiles, and food processing.
  • Bioremediation: Certain microorganisms can degrade pollutants and contaminants, making them useful in cleaning up environmental pollutants.
  • Genetic engineering: Microbes can be genetically engineered to produce specific compounds of interest, such as pharmaceuticals and biofuels.


 Microbes produce various metabolites during their metabolic processes, which are essential in bioproduct development. Some important metabolites include:

  • Ethanol: Produced during the fermentation process and used as a biofuel and in the beverage industry.
  • Acetic acid: Produced by bacteria in the fermentation of ethanol, used in the production of vinegar and various chemicals.
  • Antibiotics: Microbes like Penicillium produce antibiotics that are used to combat bacterial infections in medicine.
  • Enzymes: Microbes produce a wide range of enzymes, such as proteases, lipases, and amylases, which find applications in various industries.
  • Organic acids: Microorganisms like Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid, which is used in food preservation and the chemical industry.

Assignment Task 3 : Develop a basic industrial design in bioproduct development using microbiology concept and principle

Basic Industrial Design in Bioproduct Development using Microbiology Concept and Principle:

Product: Bioethanol Production


Utilizing microbial fermentation to convert biomass into bioethanol, a renewable and sustainable fuel.


  • Microbial Strain Selection: Identify and select a suitable yeast strain, such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with high ethanol productivity and tolerance.
  • Substrate Selection: Choose appropriate biomass feedstock, such as sugarcane or corn, rich in fermentable sugars (glucose, sucrose, or starch).
  • Pretreatment: Apply physical or chemical pretreatment to break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars, making them accessible to the microbes.
  • Fermentation Process: Ferment the pretreated biomass using the selected yeast strain in a controlled bioreactor under anaerobic conditions, converting sugars into ethanol.
  • Distillation and Purification: Separate and purify the ethanol from the fermentation broth using distillation and other purification techniques.
  • Co-Product Utilization: Utilize the by-products of the fermentation process, such as leftover biomass, as animal feed or for biogas production.
  • Environmental Considerations: Implement sustainable practices, minimize water usage, and manage waste responsibly to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Quality Control: Establish stringent quality control measures to ensure the final bioethanol product meets regulatory and industry standards.
  • Scale-Up and Optimization: Optimize the process parameters and scale up production to maximize efficiency and yield while minimizing costs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuously monitor and improve the production process through ongoing research and development efforts.

By integrating microbiological concepts and principles into the design, this industrial process aims to contribute to the production of a cleaner, renewable energy source while considering environmental sustainability and economic feasibility.

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