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CBE561 Genetics Lab UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CBE561 Genetics Lab at UITM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) Malaysia is designed to complement the concepts taught in the Genetics and Molecular Biology lecture. This hands-on laboratory course offers students an opportunity to explore fundamental principles in genetics while honing their skills in presenting scientific findings and theories.

Throughout the course, students will conduct various experiments that leverage restriction endonuclease to cleave DNA, isolate genetic materials, perform bacterial transformation, and analyze specific subsets of macromolecules. These practical exercises aim to reinforce theoretical knowledge and enhance students’ understanding of genetic processes and molecular biology techniques.

The lab sessions will be guided by experienced instructors, ensuring students develop essential laboratory skills, proper experimental design, and accurate data analysis. Moreover, students will have the chance to work collaboratively in teams, fostering teamwork and communication abilities in a scientific setting.

By the end of CBE561 Genetics Lab, participants will have gained invaluable hands-on experience and a deeper appreciation for the practical applications of genetics and molecular biology. This course equips students with the necessary skills and confidence to conduct future research, contribute to scientific advancements, and pursue careers in genetics-related fields.

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Assignment Activity 1 : Perform experiments that related to genetics and molecular biology.


The goal of this experiment is to study the inheritance patterns of specific genetic traits in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and analyze how they are passed from one generation to the next.

Experimental Procedure:

  • Selecting Parental Flies: Obtain a group of male and female fruit flies with known genetic backgrounds, and ensure they are free from contamination or cross-breeding.
  • Cross-breeding: Set up controlled mating pairs by placing a male and a female with specific traits in a mating chamber. For instance, one pair could be from a group of flies with red eyes (RR) and another with white eyes (ww).
  • Observing F1 Generation: Allow the mating pairs to reproduce, and carefully monitor the offspring (F1 generation) produced. Record the number of flies with red eyes and white eyes.
  • Observing F2 Generation: Take a few flies from the F1 generation and cross-breed them with each other. Observe and record the eye color of the resulting F2 generation flies.
  • Data Analysis: Count the number of flies with red eyes and white eyes in both the F1 and F2 generations. Analyze the inheritance patterns and ratios to determine if the traits follow Mendelian genetics.

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Assignment Activity 2 : Explain the basic principles of genetics and molecular biology from the experiments

Basic Principles of Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Experiments:

  • Mendelian Inheritance: The experiment demonstrates the basic principles of Mendelian inheritance, where specific traits are passed from parents to offspring through genes. The alleles responsible for the eye color trait in fruit flies exhibit a dominant (R) and recessive (w) relationship, resulting in a 3:1 ratio of red-eyed to white-eyed flies in the F2 generation.
  • Genotype and Phenotype: The genetic makeup of an organism is known as its genotype, while its physical characteristics resulting from the genotype are called the phenotype. In this experiment, the red eye color (RR or Rr) represents the genotype, and the actual red eye color observed is the phenotype.
  • Dominant and Recessive Alleles: The experiment illustrates how dominant alleles (R) mask the expression of recessive alleles (w) in the presence of both. Only flies with two copies of the recessive allele (ww) exhibit the white eye phenotype.
  • Punnett Squares: By understanding the parental genotypes and using Punnett squares, we can predict the likelihood of different genotypes and phenotypes in the offspring.
  • Segregation and Independent Assortment: The experiment exemplifies the segregation of alleles during gamete formation and the independent assortment of different traits during inheritance.

Assignment Activity 3 : Evaluate and present experimental results scientifically pertaining to molecular genetics theories


 To scientifically present and evaluate the experimental results of fruit fly eye color inheritance and compare them with established molecular genetics theories.


The experiment successfully demonstrated the inheritance pattern of eye color in Drosophila melanogaster. In the F1 generation, all flies displayed the dominant phenotype of red eyes, indicating that the red eye color allele (R) was inherited from at least one of the parents. The F2 generation showed a phenotypic ratio of approximately 3:1, with three-fourths of the flies having red eyes and one-fourth having white eyes.

Evaluation and Discussion:

  • Consistency with Mendelian Genetics: The results are consistent with Mendelian inheritance patterns, specifically the segregation and independent assortment of alleles. The observed 3:1 phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation confirms the presence of a single gene controlling eye color with two alleles (R and w).
  • Confirmation of Dominant and Recessive Alleles: The dominance of the red eye color allele (R) over the recessive white allele (w) is evident from the presence of red-eyed flies in both F1 and F2 generations. The appearance of white-eyed flies in the F2 generation supports the notion of the recessive trait being masked in the F1 generation.
  • Absence of New Mutations: The experimental results did not indicate any new eye color variants or mutations. This supports the idea that the genetic background of the selected parental flies was stable and controlled, ensuring accurate results.
  • Limitations: The experiment focused on a single trait and did not consider potential interactions with other genetic factors that could influence eye color. Future studies could explore multiple traits and perform more complex genetic analyses.


The experiment successfully demonstrated the principles of genetics and molecular biology in relation to eye color inheritance in fruit flies. The findings align with Mendelian genetics theories and support the existence of dominant and recessive alleles controlling eye color. The experiment’s success highlights the importance of controlled breeding and accurate data collection in genetics research. Further studies could expand on these findings and delve into the molecular mechanisms underlying these inheritance patterns in fruit flies and other organisms.

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