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CHM131 General Chemistry UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

The CHM131 General Chemistry course at UITM (University Teknologi MARA) in Malaysia is an introductory course that aims to establish a strong understanding of fundamental principles in chemistry. Students will be introduced to various topics such as scientific measurements, stoichiometry, gases, atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical bonding, and redox reactions. The course serves as a solid basis for students’ further exploration and study in the field of chemistry.

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Assignment Task 1 : Apply the basic concepts and principles of chemistry in properties and interactions of matter.

In this task, you are required to apply the basic concepts and principles of chemistry to understand the properties and interactions of matter. Chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations, and it plays a crucial role in understanding the world around us. To successfully complete this task, you need to demonstrate your understanding of fundamental chemical principles and their applications.

You can start by explaining the states of matter, such as solids, liquids, and gases, and how they differ in terms of their physical properties and behavior. Discuss concepts like density, melting point, boiling point, and solubility, and how they relate to the characteristics of different substances.

Next, delve into chemical reactions and the principles that govern them. Define the concept of chemical equations and explore the conservation of mass in chemical reactions. You can also discuss the different types of reactions, such as synthesis, decomposition, combustion, and displacement reactions.

Furthermore, it is essential to comprehend the atomic structure and the periodic table. Explain the organization of elements in the periodic table based on their atomic number and properties. Elaborate on the concepts of valence electrons, electronegativity, and ionization energy, as they play a significant role in chemical bonding.

Discuss the different types of chemical bonds, including ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds, and their influences on the properties of compounds. Additionally, touch upon intermolecular forces and their impact on the physical properties of substances.

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Assignment Task 2 : Perform (plan, conduct and analyze outcomes of) scientific investigations on basic chemistry concepts and theories.

For this task, you will be required to plan, conduct, and analyze scientific investigations related to basic chemistry concepts and theories. The goal is to apply the scientific method to explore chemical phenomena and draw meaningful conclusions from the experiments.

Select a specific chemistry concept or theory that interests you or aligns with the curriculum. For instance, you could investigate the factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction, the effect of temperature on solubility, or the properties of acids and bases.

Begin by formulating a clear research question or hypothesis that you want to address through your investigation. Develop a detailed experimental procedure that outlines the materials needed, the step-by-step process, and any safety precautions.

Conduct the experiment meticulously, ensuring that you record all relevant data and observations. Analyze the data you collected using appropriate statistical tools and methods. Draw conclusions from the results and discuss their implications in the context of the chemistry concept or theory you investigated.

It is crucial to critically evaluate any potential errors or limitations in your experimental design and propose ways to improve the investigation in the future.

Assignment Task 3 : Demonstrate effective verbal communication on the basic concepts and theories of chemistry in properties and interactions of matter.

For this task, you need to demonstrate effective verbal communication skills in explaining the basic concepts and theories of chemistry, focusing on properties and interactions of matter.

Create a presentation or a verbal explanation where you convey the key concepts concisely and clearly. Consider your target audience and tailor your language and examples accordingly.

Begin with an introduction that outlines the importance of chemistry in understanding matter and its interactions. Use real-life examples to illustrate the relevance of chemistry in everyday life and various industries.

Next, cover the fundamental principles of chemistry, including the states of matter, chemical reactions, atomic structure, periodic table, and chemical bonding. Use visual aids like diagrams, charts, and models to enhance your presentation.

Ensure that you articulate the concepts logically and coherently, providing sufficient context and explanations. Use appropriate terminology and avoid jargon that might be confusing to your audience.

Conclude your presentation by summarizing the key takeaways and reinforcing the significance of chemistry in understanding the world around us.

Throughout your presentation, maintain a confident and engaging tone, and encourage questions from your audience to foster interactive communication. Be prepared to provide clear and concise answers to any inquiries related to the chemistry concepts you covered.

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