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CHM420 General Chemistry Assignment Sample, UITM, Malaysia

This introductory chemistry course at UITM, Malaysia, known as CHM420, aims to provide students with a strong foundation in fundamental chemical concepts and principles. It covers various key topics such as chemical equations and calculations, the mole concept, acids and bases, the periodic table, oxidation-reduction reactions, electronic structure of atoms, chemical bonds, and gasses.

The primary goal is to equip students with a solid understanding of these foundational chemistry principles, which are crucial for more advanced courses in chemistry and related fields.

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Assignment Activity 1: Apply the basic concepts and theories on measurements, elements, compounds,chemical equations, stoichiometry , atomic structure & periodic table which is related to principles of chemistry

Assignment Activity 1 focuses on the application of fundamental concepts and theories in the field of chemistry. You will be tasked with applying your understanding of several key topics related to the principles of chemistry:

  1. Measurements: You’ll demonstrate your ability to make precise measurements using various scientific instruments and units, ensuring accuracy in scientific experiments and calculations.
  2. Elements and Compounds: You’ll distinguish between elements (the basic building blocks of matter) and compounds (substances formed by the combination of elements) to identify and classify different types of matter.
  3. Chemical Equations: You’ll balance and interpret chemical equations, which are essential for understanding how substances react and transform in chemical reactions.
  4. Stoichiometry: You’ll calculate the quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions, ensuring that the laws of conservation of mass and energy are obeyed.
  5. Atomic Structure: You’ll delve into the structure of atoms, including the arrangement of subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) and how this structure influences the behavior of elements.
  6. Periodic Table: You’ll explore the organization of elements on the periodic table, noting trends in properties and atomic structure across the elements.

By applying these foundational concepts and theories, you’ll deepen your understanding of the core principles of chemistry, which are essential for building a strong foundation in the subject. This assignment will likely involve problem-solving, calculations, and practical applications of these concepts, helping you develop key skills for future chemistry coursework and scientific endeavors.

Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the theories and concepts in chemical equilibrium, acid-base reactions, oxidation-reduction reaction & gaseous state

In this assignment, you will delve into essential theories and concepts within the domain of chemistry, focusing on four critical areas:

  1. Chemical Equilibrium: You’ll explore the theory of chemical equilibrium, which pertains to the dynamic balance between the rates of forward and reverse reactions in a chemical system. This concept is crucial for understanding how reactions reach a stable state and how factors like temperature and pressure influence this equilibrium.
  2. Acid-Base Reactions: You’ll discuss the theories and principles underlying acid-base reactions. This includes understanding the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis definitions of acids and bases, as well as the pH scale, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of solutions.
  3. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions: You’ll examine oxidation-reduction reactions, also known as redox reactions. These involve the transfer of electrons between substances and play a fundamental role in various chemical processes, including combustion, corrosion, and electrochemical cells.
  4. Gaseous State: The gaseous state encompasses the behavior and properties of gases under different conditions of temperature and pressure. You’ll explore gas laws, ideal gas behavior, and factors influencing the behavior of gases, all of which are vital for understanding the physical and chemical properties of gases.

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Assignment Activity 3: Conduct laboratory experiments on stoichiometry and theoretical yield, acid bases, redox & gas law.

In this assignment, you will engage in hands-on laboratory experiments that revolve around the following key areas:

  1. Stoichiometry and Theoretical Yield: You’ll perform experiments to understand and apply stoichiometry, which involves quantifying the relationships between reactants and products in chemical reactions. This will enable you to calculate the theoretical yield of products, an essential skill for planning and assessing chemical reactions.
  2. Acid-Base Reactions: You’ll conduct experiments to explore the properties of acids and bases, their reactions, and how to measure and adjust pH levels in solutions. This practical experience will deepen your understanding of the behavior of acidic and alkaline substances.
  3. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions: Hands-on experiments related to redox reactions will help you observe and interpret the transfer of electrons between substances, enhancing your comprehension of these critical chemical processes.
  4. Gas Laws: Through laboratory work, you will investigate the behavior of gases under various conditions, validating and applying gas laws to real-world situations. This will offer insights into the physical properties and relationships governing gases.

Assignment Activity 4: Analyze problem given in a scientific manner

In this assignment, you will apply a scientific approach to analyze problems systematically. This entails:

  1. Problem Identification: You’ll recognize and define scientific problems or questions, ensuring a clear understanding of the issue at hand.
  2. Data Collection: You will gather relevant data, information, and evidence related to the problem. This might involve conducting experiments, surveys, or research.
  3. Hypothesis Formation: You’ll propose educated guesses or potential solutions to the problem based on your initial analysis and research.
  4. Experimentation and Analysis: If applicable, you may perform experiments or investigations to test your hypotheses and gather more data.
  5. Conclusion Drawing: Based on the collected data, you’ll draw valid and evidence-based conclusions, and potentially suggest solutions or further research directions.

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