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Chm457 Fundamental Organic Chemistry Assignment Answer, UITM, Malaysia

Chm457 Fundamental Organic Chemistry is an introductory course that focuses on the structures and physical properties of various carbon compounds. It covers hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, alkyl halides, alcohols, and ethers. Students will learn about fundamental aspects of organic chemistry, including bonding, conformational analysis, structure, stereochemistry, nomenclature, and acid-base chemistry.

The Chm457 course also delves into chemical reactions and their mechanisms, including addition reactions, electrophilic substitution, nucleophilic substitution, and elimination reactions. At UITM, Malaysia, we’re here to provide you with assignment solutions for this course. Please note that the assignment samples we offer are for reference purposes only and not actual student submissions. They serve as a valuable guide for understanding the type of assignments you may encounter in this course.

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Assignment Brief 1: To explain the concepts of structure and bonding, HOMO-LUMO orbital interactions, chemical reactivity and acid-base involved in chemistry of carbon compounds. (PLO1)

Assignment Brief 1 requires students to elucidate several key concepts related to the chemistry of carbon compounds. These concepts are essential in understanding the properties and behavior of organic molecules. Here’s a breakdown of what students need to address:

  • Structure and Bonding: Students should describe the structure of carbon compounds, including the arrangement of atoms and the types of chemical bonds involved. This may encompass topics like covalent bonding, molecular geometry, and the different types of carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen bonds.
  • HOMO-LUMO Orbital Interactions: This component focuses on the Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital (HOMO) and Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital (LUMO) interactions. Students should explain how these orbitals play a role in chemical reactions, such as nucleophilic and electrophilic reactions, and how they influence molecular stability.
  • Chemical Reactivity: Students need to discuss the reactivity of carbon compounds, including factors that influence their reactivity, such as functional groups, steric hindrance, and electronic effects. This may involve discussing reaction mechanisms and key factors that determine the outcome of organic reactions.
  • Acid-Base Chemistry: This part of the assignment pertains to the acid-base properties of organic compounds. Students should explain the principles of Lewis and Bronsted-Lowry acid-base theories as they apply to organic molecules.

Assignment Brief 2: To apply the concepts of structure and stereochemistry and its relationship to the reactivity of carbon compounds and to write chemical reactions for the interconversions of functional groups and the reaction mechanisms of addition, elimination, radical substitution, nucleophilic substitution and electrophilic substitution reactions. (PLO3)

  1. Structure and Stereochemistry: Students need to apply their knowledge of the structural aspects of carbon compounds, including the arrangement of atoms and the spatial orientation of different groups around carbon atoms. Stereochemistry deals with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in molecules, particularly in organic compounds.
  2. Relationship to Reactivity: In this context, students should explain how the structural and stereochemical features of carbon compounds influence their reactivity. Different functional groups and stereochemical considerations can significantly impact how molecules interact in chemical reactions.
  3. Chemical Reactions for Interconversions: Students are tasked with writing out chemical reactions that demonstrate the interconversion of functional groups. This means showing how one functional group can be transformed into another through chemical reactions. This could involve conversions like turning an alcohol into an alkene or an alkyl halide
  4. Reaction Mechanisms: Students must delve into the mechanisms of various chemical reactions, including addition, elimination, radical substitution, nucleophilic substitution, and electrophilic substitution reactions. This entails explaining the step-by-step processes by which these reactions occur, considering factors such as reactants, intermediates, and products.

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Assignment Brief 3: To conduct scientific experiments related to acid-base, alkenes, alky halides, benzene, and alcohols and derivatives. (PLO2)

Assignment Brief 3 involves conducting scientific experiments in the context of acid-base chemistry, alkenes, alkyl halides, benzene, and alcohols and their derivatives. Here’s an overview of what students are expected to do:

  1. Acid-Base Experiments: Students are required to design and carry out experiments related to acid-base chemistry. This may include investigating the behavior of different acids and bases, measuring pH, studying acid-base titrations, or examining the effects of various factors on acid-base reactions.
  2. Alkenes Experiments: In this section, students should conduct experiments focused on alkenes, which are unsaturated hydrocarbons with double bonds. This could involve studying their reactivity, isomerism, or synthesis through different experimental procedures.
  3. Alkyl Halides Experiments: Students need to design and perform experiments related to alkyl halides, which are organic compounds containing halogen atoms. These experiments might explore the synthesis, reactivity, or properties of alkyl halides.
  4. Benzene Experiments: Experiments related to benzene, a widely studied aromatic compound, may include investigations into its resonance structure, reactions, or applications. Students may be tasked with exploring its unique aromaticity and reactivity.
  5. Alcohols and Derivatives Experiments: This part of the assignment requires students to conduct experiments involving alcohols and their derivatives. This can encompass various aspects such as the synthesis of alcohols, their reactions, or the characterization of alcohol derivatives.

Assignment Brief 4: To report the scientific experiments in scientific manner related to acid-base, alkenes, alky halides, benzene, and alcohols and derivatives. (PLO4)

Assignment Brief 4 requires students to prepare scientific reports in a systematic and scientific manner based on the experiments they conducted related to acid-base chemistry, alkenes, alkyl halides, benzene, and alcohols and their derivatives. Here’s an explanation of what’s expected:

  • Scientific Reports: Students are tasked with creating comprehensive scientific reports for each of the experiments they conducted. These reports should be well-structured and follow a scientific format.
  • Scientific Manner: When reporting their experiments, students need to adhere to scientific conventions. This means providing clear and organized documentation of the experimental procedure, data, observations, and results.
  • Related to Specific Topics: Each report should be directly related to the specific topic or experiment conducted. For example, if the experiment was about acid-base chemistry, the report should focus on the acid-base reactions and findings.
  • Systematic Presentation: The reports should present the experimental process systematically, starting with the objective, followed by the experimental procedure, data collection, results, analysis, and conclusions.
  • Data and Results: Students should include data collected during the experiment, graphs, tables, and any relevant observations. They must also interpret the results and discuss their significance.

The reports should conclude with a summary of the key findings and the implications of the experiment’s results. Students may need to relate their findings to the theoretical concepts covered in the course.

Assignment Brief 4 evaluates students’ ability to document and communicate their experimental work in a manner consistent with scientific practices. It emphasizes the importance of clarity, organization, and scientific rigor in reporting the results of experiments related to acid-base chemistry, alkenes, alkyl halides, benzene, and alcohols and their derivatives.

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