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CHM421 Analytical Chemistry UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

Analytical Chemistry (CHM421) at UiTM, Malaysia, delves into theories and techniques essential for understanding chemical analysis. Students grasp foundational concepts, elucidate principles, and explore real-world applications. The course equips students to tackle both qualitative and quantitative chemical problems and engage in investigative work through hands-on laboratory exercises. Assessment methods encompass paper examinations, tests, quizzes, laboratory skill evaluations, and comprehensive written laboratory reports.

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Assignment Task 1: Describe the functions of laboratory apparatus, standard laboratory techniques as well as the principles involved in sampling and preparing laboratory samples.

In Assignment Task 1, you will delve into the fundamental aspects of Analytical Chemistry:

  • Laboratory Apparatus Functions: Describe the roles and applications of various laboratory apparatus, such as pipettes, burettes, and spectrophotometers. Highlight their significance in accurate measurements and analyses.
  • Standard Laboratory Techniques: Elaborate on standard laboratory techniques, like titration and gravimetric analysis, outlining their methodologies and importance in precise data collection.
  • Principles in Sampling: Explain the principles involved in the selection, collection, and preparation of laboratory samples. Emphasize factors like representativeness and homogeneity that ensure the reliability of experimental data.

Assignment Task 2: Explain the principles and applications of volumetric, gravimetric and basic chromatography analyses to solve the reliability of experimental data.

For Assignment Task 2, you’ll explore the core analytical methods:

  1. Volumetric Analysis: Define the principles underlying volumetric analysis, focusing on titration. Highlight its applications in determining the concentration of chemical substances, discussing its reliability in obtaining accurate experimental data.
  2. Gravimetric Analysis: Explain the principles and applications of gravimetric analysis, which relies on measuring the mass of a substance to determine its composition. Discuss its significance in analytical chemistry.
  3. Chromatography Analyses: Describe the basic principles of chromatography techniques, such as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. Discuss their diverse applications in separating and analyzing complex mixtures, underlining their role in achieving reliable experimental data.

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Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate the theories covered by performing experiments on volumetric titrations, gravimetric analysis and chromatography

In Assignment Task 3, you will put theory into practice by conducting experiments in three crucial areas of Analytical Chemistry:

  1. Volumetric Titrations: Execute volumetric titrations to determine the concentration of a specific substance in a sample. This hands-on experience will enable you to apply the principles learned and gain practical skills in precise chemical analysis.
  2. Gravimetric Analysis: Perform gravimetric analysis experiments, involving the precise measurement of mass to determine the composition of a substance. This practical exercise will deepen your understanding of gravimetric techniques.
  3. Chromatography: Conduct chromatography experiments, such as gas or liquid chromatography, to separate and analyze complex mixtures. This practical application will provide insights into how chromatography methods work in real-world scenarios.

Assignment Task 4: Report on experimental findings in a scientific manner.

In Assignment Task 4, you are required to compile a comprehensive report that details the results of your experiments conducted in a rigorous and scientific manner. This task entails the following key elements:

  1. Data Collection: Summarize the data you collected during your experiments, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Include all relevant measurements and observations.
  2. Methodology: Describe the experimental procedures and methods you employed, providing a step-by-step account of how the experiments were conducted. Make sure to note any equipment used and their settings.
  3. Results Analysis: Present your findings, including any patterns, trends, or anomalies you observed in the data. Use graphs, tables, and statistical analysis, if applicable, to enhance the clarity of your results.
  4. Discussion: Interpret the results, discussing their significance and relevance to the objectives of the experiments. Address any discrepancies or uncertainties and propose possible explanations.
  5. Conclusion: Summarize the key outcomes of the experiments and state whether they align with the initial hypotheses or expectations. Mention any limitations or areas for further research.
  6. References: Cite any sources or references used in the planning or analysis of the experiments.

By completing this task, you will demonstrate your ability to present scientific data in a structured and organized manner, an essential skill in the realm of Analytical Chemistry

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