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IMC407 Management of Internet Information Sources And Services UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMC407 Management of Internet Information Sources And Services is a fascinating course for students who are passionate about the way businesses utilize the web in promoting their products. Not only does this course provide valuable insights into the technical aspects of using the internet – including search engine optimization, content marketing and social media – it also covers the strategic side of managing digital campaigns.

The course curriculum has been designed to give learners an in-depth understanding of how they can take advantage of the various opportunities that come with the growth of digital businesses and use them to their benefit. With IMC407, students gain knowledge that can help them stand out from their peers in both professional and personal pursuits.

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Assignment Task 1: Identify the various types of Internet sources and tools required to get connected to the Internet.

The Internet has become a fundamental part of the modern lifestyle. To get connected to the Internet, an individual needs several types of sources and tools. Broadband technologies such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) are reliable and provide high-speed connections. Cable connections are also popular since they are often faster than DSLs, making them ideal for online activities requiring intensive information transfer.

Users can also access the internet through satellite services in cases where neither cable nor DSL is available. Additionally, local Wi-Fi networks connect users to each other as well as the rest of the world, while mobile internet providers allow users to remain connected while on the go. Selecting the best connection plan depends on factors such as speed preferences and bundle options. The right techniques and tools ensure that everyone gets connected fast and stays connected longer, nowadays making online access a reality more than ever before.

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Assignment Task 2: Apply the evaluation criteria of websites for content, authority, accuracy, presentation, and usefulness as reference tools.

When evaluating websites for their content, authority, accuracy, presentation and usefulness as reference tools, it is important to consider these criteria critically. Whether the website contains reliable information that can be verified in an authoritative source is essential.

Additionally, making sure this information is presented in an understandable and clear manner that reinforces the content in discussion is vital. It should also have an obvious purpose to be useful as a reference tool for research or other purposes. Ultimately, taking all of these elements into account helps ensure the website meets appropriate standards and provides the necessary quality material for evaluation.

Assignment Task 3: Explain the importance of values and ethics in using social media.

Values and ethics play an essential role in the successful use of social media. Ethics refers to a set of principles that define the behavior of humans in any situation, while values are those standards that guide an individual’s actions. This is important when it comes to social media since user-generated content is freely accessible to anyone online and it can have a lasting impact on one’s personal or professional reputation.

Therefore, having well-defined values and ethical behavior can not only prevent serious repercussions from misbehavior but also promote civil discourse and constructive dialogue in digital platforms. By adhering to these standards, users can make sure that they are using social networks responsibly and making a positive contribution to virtual communities.

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