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IMS456 Basic Web Design and Content Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMS456 Basic Web Design and Content Management course is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to gain knowledge in the world of website design. This course provides an overview on core components of web design, giving learners the foundation they need to understand basic HTML, CSS and content management systems. Whether seeking to launch their own web or blog project, or gain a new skill set, this timely and informative course is definitely worth the investment in education.

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Here, we outline some assignment briefs. Specifically:

Assignment Brief 1: Recognize the fundamental concepts of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Internet and the World Wide Web are two of the most powerful tools for communication and collaboration in the digital age. While often used interchangeably, the Internet is a global network of connected computer systems while the World Wide Web is a collection of websites that can be accessed using a web browser.

Both offer unparalleled opportunities to access information, resources, and services from around the world – as they are interconnected they become virtually indispensable components of modern life. Through concepts such as cloud computing and social networking, these digitally hosted technologies let us share information with each other quickly and easily, enabling us to create global communities without any physical boundaries.

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Assignment Brief 2: Prepare and acknowledge web content.

Preparing website content is an essential part of presenting digital media to an audience. It’s important to use a professional and uniform tone throughout the content so that it appears credible, organized, and customer-friendly. When preparing content for a website, try to be consistent with brand guidelines, visuals and messaging.

To ensure the customer journey is smooth, make sure your content is linked properly and free from any technical errors. An effective way to acknowledge web content is by including interactive elements like surveys or quizzes that actively engage the user and encourages them to take part in discussions around your product or service. Doing this helps increase visibility for your business, which in turn can have a positive impact on sales.

Assignment Brief 3: Plan, design, produce, publish and maintain a static website.

Developing a static website is more than just creating pages and content – it requires planning, designing, producing, publishing, and maintaining the site. Web developers must first plan their design, layout, and user experience prior to designing a static website that is creative, organized, and tailored for its target audience. Upon design completion, developers must carefully transform the design into code that can be published on the internet.

Then comes the crucial task of publishing the code in a live environment and ensuring all elements from images to text is rendered correctly. Finally, proper maintenance must be done regularly to ensure the optimum performance of the static website. With attention to detail and quality assurance from start to finish, businesses can develop an incredible and functional static web presence.

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