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IMS556 Information Systems Interaction & Consultation UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMS556 Information Systems Interaction and Consultation offers students a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the ever-evolving field of information systems. This course allows students to gain an understanding of how to effectively interact, consult and collaborate with other stakeholders in both development and operational environments.

Students will learn the principles, approaches and methods required to provide successful interactions with stakeholders and, most importantly, understand how to define success. Furthermore, they will also discover the essentials for incorporating user-centered design principles into their work. This course provides valuable insights that can be carried forward into future career paths within the technology industry.

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In this section, let’s explore the following assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Distinguish between self-esteem, self-concept, and self-awareness and their roles in communication for Information Systems professionals.

Self-esteem, self-concept, and self-awareness are important facets of communication for Information Systems professionals.

Self-esteem refers to an individual’s overall evaluation, or appraisal, of their self worth. This can be affected by a person’s success or failure in their profession.

Self-concept is the mental image someone holds of themselves; this allows professionals to compare themselves to others, measure individual progress and inform career decisions.

Self-awareness is the recognition of one’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and values that take into account both internal and external forces affecting one’s world view.

For successful communication to occur within the Information Systems field, a professional must become aware of and manage these concepts in order to navigate today’s complex business environment.

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Assignment Task 2: Practice an informative public speech appropriate for an audience peer.

Public speaking can be an intimidating task, especially if the audience is composed of your peers. To make a successful and informative public speech, it’s important to be prepared in advance. Begin by selecting a topic that interests your audience and research the subject thoroughly.

Structure the presentation thoughtfully, keeping in mind how to best convey information while engaging your peers with interesting facts and ideas. Choose language that is appropriate for the audience and practice articulating each point clearly with a confident tone of voice. Finally, remember to breathe deeply beforehand and enjoy yourself throughout the presentation – it will make all the difference!

Assignment Task 3: Practice writing for specific purposes context as IT consultant practices.

As an IT consultant, it is essential to confidently and effectively communicate on a technical level in all areas of practice. Writing for specific purposes contexts such as service reports, RFPs, and incident updates requires versatility and fundamental writing skills to be successful. To meet the demands of these unique contexts, IT consultants must hone their writing skills with regular practice and attentive review of feedback from colleagues and clients. Such activities can help facilitate clear communication that is succinct and informative, ultimately allowing the IT consultant to provide greater value to clients.

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