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UDM754 Dissertation UITM Assignment Solution Malaysia 

UDM754 Dissertation is a comprehensive course offered by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM), Malaysia, designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct research in the field of urban development and management. The UDM7534 course focuses on contemporary issues, theories, and practical applications within this field. Students are required to choose a research topic in consultation with the Centre of Study and produce a final draft research paper within a prescribed word limit of 10,000 words. The research can be conducted using qualitative or quantitative methods, allowing students to employ various research techniques to address urban development and management challenges.

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Assignment Brief 1 : Identify problem statement based on the research topic and perform relevant literature review which includes theories, past research, debates, and social insight.

Research Topic: The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health in Adolescents

Problem Statement: The problem statement for this research is to examine the influence of social media on the mental health of adolescents. Specifically, the study aims to investigate the potential negative effects of excessive social media use on the psychological well-being of young individuals.

Literature Review: In this section, you will conduct a comprehensive literature review that explores various theories, past research, debates, and social insights related to the impact of social media on mental health in adolescents. Start by examining theoretical frameworks such as social comparison theory, self-esteem, and social interaction theory, which provide insights into how social media use can affect mental health.

Next, review past research studies that have investigated the relationship between social media and mental health outcomes in adolescents. Look for studies that highlight both positive and negative impacts, considering factors such as depression, anxiety, body image concerns, self-esteem, and loneliness.

It is important to include debates and conflicting viewpoints in your literature review to present a well-rounded understanding of the topic. Discuss different perspectives on the effects of social media, considering factors like the role of social support, cyberbullying, and the potential benefits of online communities.

Additionally, explore social insights and anecdotal evidence that shed light on how adolescents perceive and engage with social media platforms. Consider factors such as social comparison, FOMO (fear of missing out), and the influence of online peer networks on mental health outcomes.

Assignment Brief 2 : Perform research methods and techniques, considering the nature of the particular research questions and related opportunities and constraints.

  • Research Methods: Based on the nature of the research questions and constraints, a mixed-methods approach will be employed to gather data and gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of social media on the mental health of adolescents.
  • Quantitative Methods: Conduct surveys or questionnaires to collect quantitative data on social media usage patterns, mental health indicators, and relevant demographic information from a large sample of adolescents. Utilize validated scales and measures to assess mental health outcomes accurately.
  • Qualitative Methods: Conduct in-depth interviews or focus groups with a smaller sample of adolescents to gain insights into their personal experiences, perceptions, and attitudes towards social media and mental health. This qualitative data will provide a rich understanding of the nuances and contextual factors influencing the relationship.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze the quantitative data using statistical techniques such as correlation analysis, regression analysis, or t-tests to identify associations between social media use and mental health outcomes. Analyze the qualitative data using thematic analysis to identify common themes, patterns, and narratives that emerge from the interviews or focus groups.

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Assignment Brief 3 : Interpret the result of the analysis to formulate solutions for the issues.

Data Interpretation: Interpret the quantitative and qualitative findings, considering the theories, past research, and debates presented in the literature review. Identify key trends, relationships, and themes that emerge from the data analysis.

Formulating Solutions: Based on the research findings, propose potential solutions and interventions to address the negative impact of social media on adolescent mental health. Consider strategies such as digital literacy programs, mental health education, creating safe online spaces, promoting positive online engagement, and fostering offline support networks. Ensure that the solutions align with the identified issues and take into account the unique needs and challenges faced by adolescents.

Assignment Brief 4: Defend and explain the outcome of research through a presentation.

Presentation Structure: Develop a clear and concise presentation that effectively communicates the research objectives, methodology, findings, and proposed solutions. Use visual aids such as graphs, charts, and quotes to support your arguments and engage the audience.

Defending the Research Outcome: During the presentation, provide a robust defense of the research outcome by highlighting the strengths of the chosen research methods, the validity of the data collected, and the relevance of the findings in addressing the problem statement. Acknowledge any limitations or constraints faced during the research process and discuss potential areas for future research to build upon your findings.

Engaging the Audience: Use clear language and avoid jargon to ensure that the presentation is accessible to a diverse audience. Incorporate compelling storytelling techniques and real-life examples to illustrate the impact of social media on adolescent mental health and emphasize the importance of the proposed solutions.

Q&A Session: Allocate time for a question-and-answer session to address any queries or concerns from the audience. Prepare well-thought-out responses based on your research and analysis to further strengthen the credibility and reliability of your work.

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