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CHM573 Industrial Chemistry UITM, Assignment Sample, Malaysia

CHM573 Industrial Chemistry at UITM in Malaysia focuses on the practical aspects of processing natural resources like petroleum, palm oil, and natural rubber into industrial products. It covers various industrial processes, including palm oil and petroleum production, metal extraction, and surface coating industries. Students gain insight into workplace safety and hazard analysis, learning how to use personal protective equipment effectively.

The CHM573 course includes an industrial visit to a processing plant and industry, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. Lecture sessions combine traditional teaching with interactive elements such as self and peer discussions. Assessment methods include paper examinations, reports on plant visits and industrial talks, and student presentations.

CHM573 offers a hands-on, comprehensive approach to industrial chemistry, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in Malaysia’s industrial sector.

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Assignment Brief 1: Describe the chemical processing in the chemical industries and the correct use of personal protective equipment.

In this assignment, you are tasked with delving into the intricate world of chemical processing within the chemical industries. Your objective is to provide a comprehensive description of the processes involved in the chemical sector, emphasizing safety measures and the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Part 1: Chemical Processing in the Chemical Industries Begin by detailing the various chemical processes employed in the industry. You should elaborate on the principles, techniques, and applications of these processes. Discuss how raw materials are transformed into valuable chemical products, highlighting key examples and their significance in both local and global contexts.

Part 2: The Correct Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) In the second part of the assignment, focus on the crucial aspect of safety. Explain the types of personal protective equipment (PPE) commonly used in chemical industries and their specific purposes. Provide instructions on the proper donning and doffing of PPE to ensure the safety and well-being of workers.


  • Support your descriptions with relevant examples and real-world applications.
  • Consider the importance of safety regulations and standards.
  • You may use diagrams, illustrations, or case studies to enhance your explanation.
  • Cite credible sources and adhere to proper referencing styles.

This assignment aims to deepen your understanding of chemical processing and safety protocols in the chemical industry, preparing you for real-world applications and potential career opportunities in this field.

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Assignment Brief 2: Distinguish the processes involved in the chemical industries

In this assignment, your objective is to provide a clear distinction between the various processes that are integral to the chemical industries. You will explore and categorize these processes based on their unique characteristics, applications, and significance within the chemical sector.


  • Categorization: Identify and categorize the different processes commonly employed in the chemical industry. You should consider processes related to the production, transformation, and refinement of chemicals. Provide a brief overview of each category.
  • In-Depth Description: Select one representative process from each category and provide an in-depth description of its principles, applications, and real-world examples. Explain how each process contributes to the chemical industry’s overall functionality.
  • Significance: Discuss the significance of these processes in the context of both local and global industries. How do they impact various sectors and contribute to economic and technological advancements?
  • Safety Considerations: Highlight any safety considerations or regulations specific to the chosen processes. Explain the importance of adhering to safety guidelines in the chemical industry.


  • Ensure clarity and conciseness in your explanations.
  • Use relevant examples and case studies to support your points.
  • Incorporate any applicable diagrams, charts, or illustrations to enhance understanding.
  • Properly cite and reference your sources in accordance with academic standards.

This assignment aims to deepen your knowledge of the diverse processes within the chemical industries and their significance. It will also foster an appreciation for safety protocols and best practices that underpin these processes.

Assignment Brief 3: Discuss knowledge in class to real activities in chemical industries

In this assignment, your objective is to explore the practical application of knowledge gained in the classroom within the dynamic environment of chemical industries. You will discuss how theoretical concepts and principles translate into real-world activities and contribute to the functioning and success of the chemical sector.


  • Select a Specific Concept or Principle: Choose a key concept or principle from your chemical industry coursework. This could pertain to chemical processes, safety protocols, or any relevant topic.
  • Real-World Application: Investigate how this selected concept or principle is applied in real activities within chemical industries. Provide concrete examples and case studies to illustrate its practical relevance.
  • Benefits and Impact: Discuss the benefits and impact of applying this knowledge in the chemical industry. How does it enhance efficiency, safety, or the quality of products and processes?
  • Challenges and Considerations: Address any challenges or considerations associated with implementing these classroom-derived concepts in the field. This could include factors such as cost, feasibility, or regulatory compliance.


  • Provide a well-structured narrative that clearly connects classroom learning to industry applications.
  • Use real-world examples, experiences, or interviews to support your discussion.
  • Consider the global and local contexts in which these applications are relevant.
  • Support your points with data, statistics, or references from credible sources.
  • Ensure proper citations and references according to academic standards.

This assignment encourages you to see the practical relevance of your classroom education and how it directly contributes to the success and advancement of the chemical industry. It fosters a deeper understanding of the industry’s dynamics and prepares you for potential careers in this field.

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