ABPR1103: Statistics for Psychology Assignment, OUM, Malaysia A psychologist studied the number of hours a worker sleeps at night and the number of errors made in a given task

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject ABPR1103: Statistics for Psychology

A psychologist studied the number of hours a worker sleeps at night and the number of errors made in a given task the following morning. Table 1 shows the results for the twenty people who were studied. It was also discovered that the average number of errors made by a normal person is 5.6.

ABPR1103 Statistics for Psychology

Based on Table 1 above:

  • Illustrate the two variables given (separately) by means of a pictorial representation and comment on it.
  • Calculate its measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion.
  • State the main three measures of central tendencies and give appropriate examples to explain their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Build a hypothesis that should use a t-test analysis using the five steps of hypothesis testing. Learners must complete steps 1-5 of hypothesis testing and show calculations made. Report the results as a research article would. Topic 7 t-test
  • Calculate the correlation coefficient, r, and interpret the value.

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