BAMS1743: Jan-2024- Indicate whether this variable is a quantitative discrete, quantitative continuous, or qualitative variable: Quantitative Methods, Assignment , TAR UMT, Malaysia

University Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT)
Subject BAMS1743: Jan-2024- Quantitative Methods

Question 1

The following frequency distribution shows the monthly spending amounts of 60 randomly chosen users of a popular e-wallet app.

BAMS1743: Jan-2024- Quantitative Methods

a) State the variable of interest. Indicate whether this variable is a quantitative discrete, quantitative continuous, or qualitative variable.

b) Draw a “less than” ogive according to the data above.

c) Use the “less than” ogive to estimate
(i) the median and interpret your result.
(ii) the monthly spending exceeded by 30% of the users.
(iii) the quartile deviation.

d) Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of the above data.

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