BBNG3103: What is the meaning of foreign direct investment (FDI)? Give examples of FDI that are related to Malaysia: International Business Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject BBNG3103: International Business

Part II (10%)


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

  1. What is the meaning of foreign direct investment (FDI)? Give examples of FDI that are related to Malaysia.
  2. Malaysia is considered to have a high-context culture according to Hofstede Cultural Model. What are the implications of this when conducting business internationally?
  3. You have gone to eat at McDonalds with friends recently. From your observations, share your dining experience in relation to the debate on standardisation versus adaptation of products in international business.
  4. Malaysia is a member of ASEAN. What benefits does Malaysia get from being a member country from an international business perspective?
  5. What is meant by globalisation? What are the bad effects of globalisation for Malaysian companies?

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