PBS3233: International Business Assignment, KPTM, Malaysia The economic system in the world refers to the way in which countries organize their economies to allocate

University Kolej Poly Tech Mara (KPTM)
Subject PBS3233: International Business

The economic system in the world refers to the way in which countries organize their economies to allocate resources, produce goods and services, and distribute them among their citizens. There are several types of economic systems, including capitalism, socialism, communism, and mixed economies. The choice of the economic system depends on a country’s political, social, and historical circumstances.

One of the most prominent economic systems in the world is capitalism, which is characterized by private ownership of the means of production, free markets, and competition. The United States is often cited as an example of a capitalist economy, where the government intervenes to a limited extent and market forces determine the allocation of resources. However, there are other countries that have adopted different economic systems, such as China, which is a socialist market economy.

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China’s economic system has evolved over the past few decades, with the government gradually liberalizing the economy and introducing market-oriented reforms. However, the state still retains significant control over the economy, with state-owned enterprises playing a dominant role in key sectors such as energy and telecommunications. The Chinese government also regulates the flow of capital and currency exchange rates and has implemented policies aimed at boosting domestic consumption and reducing the country’s reliance on exports.

In contrast, the Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, are known for their social welfare systems, which are based on a mixed economy model. These countries have high levels of taxation and government spending, which are used to fund universal healthcare, education, and social security programs. The private sector is also active in these countries, and competition is encouraged through policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

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