Compare and contrast the Critical Path and Critical Chain methods intermsof their advantages: Project Management Assignment, UM, Malaysia

University University of Malaysia (UM)
Subject Project Management: Survival and Success

Compare and contrast the Critical Path and Critical Chain methods intermsof
their advantages and deficiencies to conclude on what would be the most
suitable approach to planning and delivering a Glastonbury music festival

The Critical Path and Critical Chain approaches are both utilized in project
management to effectively plan and execute projects. Let’s examine and differentiatethese methods within the context of organizing and delivering a Glastonbury musicfestival : Critical Path Method (CPM)

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i. CPM has the ability to reduce project duration and generate crucial paththat canas a road map for project execution, ensuring timely project completion. (Atin.S,2019)
ii. CPM can contribute to the temporal effectiveness and financial aspects of theproject in distinct ways. (Atin.S , 2019)
iii. CPM focuses on the planning, scheduling and control of these critical activities.
iv. (Anindita.H , 2021)
v. In CPM, one of its main purposes is to plan and set important and desiredresultsfor the project’s final completion.(Anindita.H , 2021)

i. Not all projects are suitable for the critical path method due reduced usability. For instance, CPM requires and repeatable timelines(dummy activities becomesexcessive), making it unsuitable for creative projects like product designor research tasks.(J.Hutagaol,2013)

ii. CPM schedules do not consider resource constraints, equipment or labor
resource availability. Additionally, CPM fails to highlight resource duplication, potentially causing congestion and can lead to inefficient resource allocationespecially the addition of human resources (J.Hutagaol,2013)

Critical Chain Management
i. 1.Resource-driven planning: CCM prioritizes resource availability and toguarantee the most allocation of resources.
ii. 2.Buffer management: It includes the concept of project buffers to protect against uncertainties and delays, allowing for better project control.It will also indirectlyreduce the pressure on the workforce.(Rahayu.S,2022).

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