Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Assignment, HU, Malaysia: Critically evaluate the comments made by the two CEOs in the context of values differences across cultures and the motives

University HELP University (HU)
Subject Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Assignment

Assignment Requirements

In one seminar which you have attended recently, you are reflecting on some of the major findings and opinions gathered from the keynote address delivered by a few leading CEOsduring the parallel session.

You can recall where two CEOs were debating the merits of women as leaders. Mr X claimed that women make better leaders than men because women are more sensitive to their employees’ needs and involve them in organizational decisions.

However, Mr Y countered that although these leadership styles may be increasingly important, most women have trouble gaining acceptance as leaders when they are faced with situations in which a more autocratic style is required.

Several recent surveys report that women are rated higher than men on the emerging leadership qualities of coaching, teamwork, and empowering employees. Yet research also suggests that women are evaluated negatively when they try to apply the full range of leadership styles, particularly more directive and autocratic approaches. Thus ironically, women may be well suited to contemporary leadership roles, yet they often continue to face limitations of leadership through the gender stereotypes and prototypes of leaders that are held by followers.

Overall, both male and female leaders must be sensitive to the fact that followers have expectations about how leaders should act and negative evaluations may go to leaders who deviate from those expectations.

Critically evaluate the comments made by the two CEOs in the context of values differences across cultures and the motives behind the action of having gender preferences for leaders. Support your analysis and arguments with relevant contemporary leadership theories/research about how gender preferences for leadership could lead to organizational efficiency.

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