EMOM5103 Change Management Assignment, OUM, Malaysia enable the student to demonstrate their understanding and skills in the change management plan process to resolve the issue in managing the change

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject EMOM5103: Change Management


The purpose of this assignment is to enable the student to demonstrate their understanding and skills in the change management plan process to resolve the issue in managing the change.


Every leader must bring difficult news to their workers from time to time. Plan for the rollout to take longer than you think is appropriate if you want it to go smoothly. Equip all levels of management with the knowledge to clarify the situation so that no one is caught off guard. Even when companies are doing well, organisational, and systemic change is inevitable, and acquisitions, reorganisations, or policy changes may hurt people’s employment, causing anxiety, frustration, or sadness.

Choose an organisation that suits your current working field such as manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, etc. Assume ONE change will be made to your project team. You are required to submit a report to your top management regarding your planning and development of the change plan of your selected organisation. The change plan should consist of:

a. Introduction: Explain your organisation’s background, core business, (product or services), organisation chart and existing /and future projects.

b. Contents:

  • Explain what change will be made.
  • Propose the implementation plan. Explain what needs to be changed and how it can be done to secure improved performance and effectiveness for your project/organization.
  • Describe the personal qualities required to handle change with confidence.
  • Provide a clear and attractive chart to show a process of how to inform your team of forthcoming organizational change.

c. Conclusion


Prepare a video presentation in FIVE (5) MINUTES about “What is the Hard Side of Change Management during Covid-19 Pandemic”.Capture a video presentation of yourself with the slide presentation and upload it upon submission. You are required to upload this assignment in the form of a file in mp4 format (not to exceed 400MB). Please submit in a separate file for this Task 2 only.


  • Draft Your Content: Know What to Present.
  • Consistent Format: Avoid Confusion
  • Less Text: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Make sure you have a good conclusion. It helps to repeat your main points and summarise your findings.
  • The presentation is very short so try to make two or three very good points and you need to make sure that you only use the information that you need to support and clarify those points.

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