OUMH1303: Describe Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Language in Expressing Formal: English For Oral Communication Assignment, OUM Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject OUMH1303: English For Oral Communication

TASK 1: Individual Video Presentation


The task set for this assignment is designed to help you meet the following course learning outcomes (CLOs):

  • Describe effective verbal and non-verbal language in expressing formal and informal communication; and
  • Demonstrate the ability and confidence in preparing and practising effective communication skills in any setting.

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This task is an individual assignment. Choose ONE of the types of the speech below and prepare a speech on the topic: EDUCATION

  • Informative OR
  • Persuasive

Delivering an effective speech is a skill that needs to be developed especially for those with job tasks involving speeches like teachers, salespeople, lawyers, and many others. Either you are delivering an informative speech or a persuasive one, you will need to prepare your speech text.

The followings are the task specifications in preparing the video:

  1. Start by planning your speech text – either in short notes or the complete text. Your introduction should state your name, ID, Course, and which type of speech with your speech title.
  2. You can refer to various resources or use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge for creating the content, but make sure that the content of the speech is appropriate to your targeted audience. The topic is wide, so you can choose any aspect of EDUCATION
  3. You will need to decide: who you are as a presenter or producer, your targeted audience, the surroundings, and other aspects to consider even though you are not going to mention it verbally in the presentation (OR you can decide to mention this aspect in your introduction of the video. In other words, you are free to be the “director” and the “producer” of the video)
  4. Plan visual aids. You are encouraged to use creativity and innovation in producing the video by catering to both brain’s visual and auditory systems, body language, facial expressions, imagery, and music, etc. You might want to use applications to further exemplify the presentation like PowerPoint Presentation, iMovie, Funimate, Adobe, and many others.
  5. Record your 10 – 15 minutes speech:
    1. Make sure that you have an introduction
    2. The purpose of the speech must either be to inform or to persuade.
    3. Your speech must be engaging and interesting.
    4. You must offer an ending (conclusion) in the video.

TASK 2: Reflective Report/Essay


Write a 4-5 page reflection on the process of carrying out the video presentation.

Your reflection essay MUST include the following (although it might not be in order):

  1. Reflection on the process; the planning stage of the video, during the recording of the video, and after the video has been recorded. Reflect on the challenges and what you did to overcome these challenges. How did you decide on the ‘director’ and the ‘producer’?
  2. The timeline of completing the visual aids accompanying the recording of the video. How long did you plan and record etc? How important is creativity and innovation in this task? Why do you say so?
  3. Reflection on how things could have been done in a better way. What might be the advantages/disadvantages of recording this video? During the process of the video, there might be some instances where you realized you could have done it in an easier way. Describe this situation.
  4. Show the video to ONE person and inquire if the speech is informative/persuasive. If he/she believes the video is neither, ask for other suggestions that might help improve the speech or the speaker. Share this person’s thoughts in your reflective essay.
  5. Your personal thoughts on completing this task (the video presentation). How do you feel about it? If you feel the video recording is not advisable, what would be a better alternative? Explain your rationale.

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