Video games have always been regarded as an enjoyable pastime and a sensational topic amongst teens and young adults: Art & Aesthetics in Video Games and How it Impacts the Player: Design Research, UOW, Malaysia

University University of Wollongong (UOW)
Subject Design Research


Video games have always been regarded as an enjoyable pastime and a sensational topic amongst teens and young adults. Even the first ever video game, Tennis for Two (Higinbotham, W., 1958), was invented with the intention of being an enjoyable way of learning physical science. Over the course of multiple decades, video games have progressed greatly from a simple tennis game on an oscilloscope to roleplaying in a fictional, virtual world. This form of entertainment may seem unassuming to the uninterested, but a lot goes into the production of a video game such as game graphics, soundtrack, narrative, animation, and more.

This research is to investigate the impact of art and aesthetics in video games towards the player. The amount of importance that the player puts in regards to graphics and/or gameplay would play a role in game development and the player’s enjoyability. To obtain the player’s opinion, the chosen methodology for this study is by conducting a questionnaire that outlines the importance of aesthetics and/or gameplay in video games.

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  • To identify the relationship between video game graphics and the player’s motivation in playing the game
  • To investigate the difference in value between art and gameplay of video games
  • To study whether video games are to be considered as an art form


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