OUMH2203: Write a critical reflection on the process of carrying out the Report Presentation: English For Workplace Communication Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject OUMH2203 English For Workplace Communication Assignment



The assignment aims to assess your ability to describe basic language-based skills in interpersonal communication, business etiquette and relationship-building in workplace contexts.


IMPORTANT: This task is a continuation of your video presentation of Task 1: A video report to present the success of the English Communication Training sessions.

Write a critical reflection on the process of carrying out the Report Presentation. The structure of this report presentation follows the basic essay structure of the introduction, body and concluding paragraphs. Refer to the sample outline below.

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Your Reflective Report presentation MUST include the following FIVE criteria and each criterion should be written in paragraphs between 300 and 350 words:

  1. Reflection on the PROCESS; the planning stage of the video, during the recording of the video and after the video has been recorded. Describe the timeline of completing the task and the preparation of visual aids. How long did you plan and record etc.? How important are creativity and innovation in this task? Why do you say so?
  2. Reflection on the CONTENT (the topic/ issue). Did you manage to refer to the module for the content? Do you feel that there is/ are differences between writing a report presentation and presenting a report presentation? During the process of recording the video report presentation, there might be some instances where you realise the content could have been organised better, share this experience too.
  • Reflection on the CHALLENGES that you faced in this assignment. How did you overcome your shyness/ lack of confidence in delivering the speech? Did you face any issues with the recording and editing? Share your challenges on the language process too – vocabulary and grammar in writing and delivering the speech. Describe well.
  1. Show the video to ONE PERSON and inquire if the Report Presentation is suitable for a board meeting. If he/she believes the presentation is not suitable, ask for other suggestions that might help improve the presentation or the presenter (you). Share this person’s thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation and compare them with your own beliefs.
  2. Your PERSONAL THOUGHTS about completing this assignment (the video report presentation and Reflective Report presentation). How do you feel about it? Describe too, what are the advantages/disadvantages of this assignment. If you feel the video report presentation recording and/or Reflective Report presentation is/are not advisable, what would be a better alternative? Explain your rationales.

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