Supply Chain Management Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia Create a manufacturing company that acts as an end-product manufacturer. Your company must be in a developing

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject Supply Chain Management
  • Create a manufacturing company that acts as an end-product manufacturer. Your company must be in a developing country and operate in a highly regulated industry, such as pharmaceuticals or food production. OR
    Create a process to manufacture one simple product, such as a chair, that is compliant with local regulations, and ethical and sustainable practices, and considers the cultural preferences of the target market.
  • Design your own company’s supply chain, starting from raw material suppliers, intermediate component manufacturers, end-product manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, and end-product consumers. The supply chain must span at least two continents, and each supplier or manufacturer should be in a different country to your manufacturing plant.
  • Explain the supply chain activities in detail along the chain, including the challenges and opportunities that arise at each stage. You must consider various factors such as cultural, legal, and ethical issues, as well as the impact of international trade agreements, tariffs, and non-tariff barriers.
  • Develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy that addresses the challenges and opportunities identified in step 4. Your strategy should consider different approaches to procurement, production, transportation, and distribution, as well as the impact of environmental and social sustainability.
  • Evaluate your supply chain strategy against at least two competing strategies and explain why your strategy is the most effective in sustaining your company’s competitiveness in the industry.
  • Conclude your assignment by reflecting on the challenges and complexities of designing and managing a global supply chain, and the implications for business strategy, sustainability, and stakeholder value

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  1. What raw materials are needed to manufacture the product?
  2. Who are the potential suppliers for the raw materials?
  3. How will the raw materials be transported to the manufacturing plant?
  4. What intermediate components are required to manufacture the product?
  5. Who are the potential suppliers for the intermediate components?
  6. How will the intermediate components be transported to the manufacturing plant?
  7. What is the manufacturing process for the product?
  8. What quality control measures will be implemented throughout the manufacturing process?
  9. Who are the potential wholesalers/distributors for the end product?
  10. What transportation and logistics strategies will be used to transport the end product to the wholesalers/distributors?
  11. How will the end product be marketed to end consumers?
  12. What supply chain risks and challenges may arise, and how will they be mitigated?
  13. How will the supply chain strategy ensure the company’s sustainability and competitiveness in the industry?
  14. How will the company manage its inventory levels?
  15. How will the company measure the performance of its supply chain?
  16. How will the company ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing of its raw materials?
  17. How will the company manage disruptions to its supply chain, such as natural disasters or political instability in supplier countries?
  18. How will the company manage any conflicts that may arise between different partners in the supply chain?
  19. How will the company balance the costs and benefits of different supply chain strategies?
  20. How will the company ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations throughout its supply chain?

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