TCP1201: Objected-Oriented Programming and Data Structures Assignment, MMU, Malaysia Your updated version of the COVID-19 vaccination system now consists of 4 separate JavaFX programs

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject TCP1201: Objected-Oriented Programming and Data Structures


Your updated version of the COVID-19 vaccination system now consists of 4 separate JavaFX programs. Keep all features in A1 unless stated otherwise and add the following new improvements:

  • Recipient
    1. Add age as a new field.
    2. When displaying the status, the vaccine batch number and the date of the dose(s)should be shown.
  1. The search recipient feature is not required.
  2. Can distribute more vaccines and recipients than PVC can handle per day.
  3. Statistics include total vaccination and total by da
  1. Implement vaccination capacity per day only, per hour is not required.
  2. Can set appointment dates for many recipients at a time.
  3. View the statistics at the VC level: total vaccination, total by day, total vaccine available.

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