The strategic role of HRM is becoming vital in ensuring the success and failure of business operations: Strategic, HR Planning, Selection and Recruitment Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Strategic HR Planning Selection and Recruitment Assignment

QUESTION 3 (Job analysis, Forecast and HR supply)

The strategic role of HRM is becoming vital in ensuring the success and failure of business operations and corporate strategic planning. HR experts and practitioners must equip themselves with current contemporary knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Stakeholders nowadays rely on precise data, tools and accurate information to understand decisions. In addition, HR should give more focus on the delivery of HR solutions. In the process of analysing a counsellor role inprivate higher learning institution, you have utilized structured interviews to collect information for Job description and job specification purposes. You did obtain the responses from retired counsellors and other lecturers.

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When presenting the job description, the Human Resource Senior Manager feels that certain unique skills employed by more effective counsellors during unusual or extreme situations have not been captured. Complete information is required as the institution is pursuing its international expansion. More changes and movement of staff are already in plan.

a) Discuss what is missing in job analysis process.
b) Propose employee’s movement pattern options that can be considered in this business expansion. Include factors influencing forecasting for the business expansion in your answer.

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