Early Childhood Education Assignment, UIU, Malaysia You are required to design an integrated pedagogical approach for five-year-old children

University UNTAR International University (UIU)
Subject Early Childhood Education


You are required to design an integrated pedagogical approach for five-year-old children based on ANY of the following approaches as suggested in the National Preschool Standard Based Curriculum (NPSC) 2017. 1. Inquiry-based learning 2. Mastery of learning 3. Multiple Intelligences

In your approach, discuss in a written form the following components, (1) learning outcomes, (2) learning materials, (3) integrated developmental domains, and (4) learning activities. Furthermore, you are also required to explain to what extent this approach can help children learn and develop.


Based on the Part 1 assignment, demonstrate the pedagogical approach within 10 minutes individually and record the teaching demonstration using any online platform. You need to use learning materials in your demonstration, and your demonstration

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