ACC30008: You are required to analyse PN17 companies under Bursa KLSE 3 years (2017- 2019) during pre-pandemic COVID-19: Accounting theory Assignment, SUT, Malaysia

University Swinburne University of Technology (SUT)
Subject ACC30008: Accounting theory Assignment

Assignment Instructions

You are required to analyse PN17 companies under Bursa KLSE 3 years (2017- 2019) during pre-pandemic COVID-19 and 2 years (2021-2022) during the pandemic covid-19. PN17 is an abbreviation for Practice Note 17/2005 and is issued by the Malaysian Stock Exchange. In connection with financially distressed or deprived companies, that meet the definition of PN17, they must submit a proposal to the licensing authority to restructure and rejuvenate the company to maintain its listing status (Bursa, 2021).

‘High Sustainability firms generate significantly higher stock returns, suggesting that indeed the integration of such issues into a company’s business model and strategy may be a source of competitive advantage for a company in the long-run. A more engaged workforce, a more secure license to operate, a more loyal and satisfied customer base, better relationships with stakeholders, greater transparency, a more collaborative community, and a better ability to innovate may all be contributing factors to this potentially persistent superior performance in the long-term.’ (Harvard Business School, December 2017).

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For survival, it is important for business to have an integrated risk management strategy in place to safeguard businesses from the adverse effects of disruptions because of economic tragic events (Keria, Chin & Lim, 2024).

Therefore, you are required to do the following:

1. To search for scholarly indexes journal articles under the Australian Council (ABDC*) index or SCOPUS index. You may begin your search by using words or statements such as business continuity, factors influencing business continuity, business sustainability, business success, etc.

(HINTS: (a). INTRODUCTION: Discuss the definition of business continuity or sustainability or survival in accordance to scholars, (b) LITERATURE REVIEW: Review scholarly journals on the factors influencing business success or business continuity. Provides evidence from different setting or countries. Apply accounting theory(ies) where applicable).

2. From the given data, you are required to regress PN17 companies both Pre and Post Covid-19 period. (HINTS: Each of the regression result produce the model and interpret its relationship whether it is positively related (strong, medium or weak) or negative relationship (strong, medium or weak)).

3. In your conclusion, state other factors that you think deem necessary for business survival business the factors that you have identified above. At the same time, relate your result from the regression with the evidences that you have found out from the scholarly journals.

4. Only scholarly indexed journals are accepted. References such as website, Wikipedia and so forth are not accepted and weighted nothing.

5. Definition: working capital to total assets (WC/TA), retained earnings to total assets (RE/TA), earnings before interest and taxes to total assets (EBIT/TA), market value of equity to total liabilities (MVE/TL), and sales to total assets (S/TA).

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