EER1001: Electrical Services for Facilities Assignment, TP, Malaysia What is Total Connected Load (TCL)?

University Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Subject EER1001: Electrical Services for Facilities

Answers to the 10 questions after self-studying Topic 5

  1. What is Total Connected Load (TCL)?
  2. What is Maximum Demand (MD)?
  3. What is Diversity Factor (DF)?
  4. Is DF greater than / equal to / less than 1?
  5. Why MD < TCL?
  6. What will happen if the estimated Maximum Demand (MD) is too low?
  7. What will happen if the estimated Maximum Demand (MD) is too high?
  8. What is load estimation?
  9. What is Load Density Method (W/m2)?
  10. List the lighting load density in descending order for School, Restaurant, Bank,and Car park. Which of them needs more power for lighting?

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Total Connected Load (TCL)

My home is supplied by 230V and has the following connected electrical loads.

(Omit those appliances with very low power and not frequently and/or consistently used, such as mobile chargers; do not need to count switched socket outlets, SSOs)

Calculate the demand current using I = (Power/230xcosΦxη) x Correction factor

Demand (without considering DF)
Item Appliance Specification


Power per unit (W) Number Sub-total Load


Load current Calculation Current


1 Lighting Fluorescent lamp
Total load  




Calculate the approximate Diversity Factor (DF) The actual electricity utilization of my home in April/May 2020 is _____ kWh.The average used power is:   _____Watts

The approximate Diversity Factor is _____

Calculate the Maximum Demand (MD)

The Maximum Demand is:  _____ Amperes

My Reflection on Self-Directed Learning

(Share your SDL learning experiences; what you have learned; what difficulties you have faced; your suggestions for effective Self-Directed Learning, etc.)

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