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ALS444 Academic Writing For Research Assignment Example, UITM, Malaysia

ALS444 is designed to hone students’ skills in crafting well-organized and articulate prose for academic research purposes. The course covers fundamental elements of effective writing, including the creation of structured outlines, coherent paragraphs, and the synthesis of ideas into a comprehensive academic research paper. 

Emphasis is placed on developing information literacy, proper source documentation, and mastering paraphrasing and summarization techniques. Through practical tasks, students engage in analyzing journal articles, constructing annotated bibliographies, synthesizing information from secondary sources, and ultimately producing a high-quality academic research paper.

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Assignment Brief 1: Apply appropriate writing techniques in academic written discourse

Begin with a concise introduction that outlines the importance of effective writing techniques in academic discourse. Mention the purpose of your assignment and provide a brief overview of the key writing techniques you will discuss.

  1. Clarity and Precision:

Explain the significance of clarity and precision in academic writing. Provide examples of how to express ideas clearly and avoid ambiguity. Discuss the use of precise language and how it contributes to a better understanding of the content.

  1. Formal Tone and Style:

Highlight the importance of maintaining a formal tone and style in academic writing. Discuss the difference between formal and informal language and provide examples of how to adopt an appropriate tone for different academic contexts.

  1. Structure and Organization:

Examine the role of structure and organization in academic writing. Discuss the importance of creating a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Provide tips on organizing paragraphs, using headings, and creating a logical flow of ideas.

  1. Citation and Referencing:

Explore the proper use of citations and referencing in academic writing. Discuss the importance of giving credit to sources, avoiding plagiarism, and adhering to a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago). Provide examples of in-text citations and reference list entries.

  1. Critical Thinking and Analysis:

Discuss the role of critical thinking in academic writing. Explain how to analyze information critically, question assumptions, and present well-reasoned arguments. Provide examples of incorporating critical analysis into written discourse.

  1. Revision and Proofreading:

Emphasize the significance of revision and proofreading in the writing process. Offer tips on how to review and improve drafts, check for grammatical errors, and ensure clarity. Stress the importance of seeking feedback from peers or instructors.

Ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and adheres to the guidelines provided in the assignment brief. If there are specific requirements or prompts in the brief, make sure to address them in your assignment. Good luck!

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Assignment Brief 2:  Demonstrate the ability to analyze academic articles in the areas of English for Professional Communication

Begin with an introduction that provides context for the importance of English for Professional Communication (EPC) and the significance of analyzing academic articles in this field. Briefly explain the purpose of your assignment, which is to demonstrate your analytical skills in evaluating scholarly works related to EPC.

  1. Overview of English for Professional Communication:

Provide a concise overview of the key concepts and principles of English for Professional Communication. Define the scope of EPC, emphasizing its relevance in various professional contexts.

  1. Selection of Academic Articles:

Describe the criteria used for selecting the academic articles for analysis. Discuss the importance of choosing articles that contribute to the understanding of EPC and its applications in professional settings.

  1. Summary of Selected Articles:

Summarize each selected academic article, highlighting the main research questions, objectives, methodologies, and key findings. Provide a brief overview of the authors’ backgrounds and the publication details.

  1. Critical Analysis:

Conduct a critical analysis of each article. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research methods, the clarity of presentation, and the validity of the findings. Discuss any limitations identified by the authors and offer your insights into the implications of the research.

  1. Common Themes and Trends:

Identify and discuss common themes and trends across the selected academic articles. Analyze how these articles contribute to the existing body of knowledge in English for Professional Communication and whether they address similar issues or perspectives.

  1. Application to Professional Settings:

Examine how the insights gained from the analyzed articles can be applied in real-world professional settings. Discuss the practical implications and relevance of the research findings for professionals engaged in English for Professional Communication.

  1. Comparison and Contrast:

Compare and contrast the approaches, methodologies, and findings of the selected articles. Highlight any conflicting viewpoints or areas where the research aligns, emphasizing the broader conversation within the field of English for Professional Communication.

Ensure your analysis is well-structured, backed by evidence from the articles, and provides a thoughtful synthesis of information. If there are specific requirements or prompts in the assignment brief, be sure to address them in your analysis. Good luck with your assignment!

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate information management and retrieval skills in producing an academic research paper

Begin with an introduction that highlights the significance of effective information management and retrieval skills in academic research. Clearly state the purpose of the research paper, which is to showcase your ability to navigate information resources, critically evaluate sources, and synthesize information into a cohesive academic document.

  1. Research Question and Objectives:

Clearly articulate the research question and objectives of your academic paper. Explain the rationale behind the chosen topic and the importance of addressing the specific research inquiry.

  1. Literature Review:

Conduct a thorough literature review to demonstrate your information management skills. Discuss the process of identifying relevant scholarly articles, books, and other sources. Analyze the existing literature to establish a foundation for your research and identify gaps in knowledge.

  1. Research Methodology:

Detail the methodology employed in gathering and managing information for your research. Discuss how you selected and accessed databases, search engines, and other repositories. Provide insights into the criteria used for source selection and the process of data extraction.

  1. Critical Evaluation of Sources:

Demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate sources. Discuss the reliability, validity, and credibility of the information obtained. Address any biases in the selected sources and explain how you ensured the reliability of your data.

  1. Information Synthesis:

Present the synthesized information in a clear and organized manner. Discuss how you integrated information from diverse sources to build a coherent narrative. Emphasize the connections between different pieces of information and how they contribute to addressing the research question.

  1. Results and Analysis:

If applicable, present any research results and conduct an analysis. Discuss how the retrieved information contributes to answering the research question and advancing the understanding of the chosen topic.


Include any supplementary materials, such as data sets, surveys, or additional information that supports your research.

Ensure that your research paper is well-organized, adheres to academic writing conventions, and effectively demonstrates your information management and retrieval skills. If there are specific requirements or prompts in the assignment brief, make sure to address them in your paper. Good luck with your assignment!

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