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BHS590 Research Project UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The BHS590 Research Project at UITM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) in Malaysia is a final year assignment designed to allow students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to address challenging health issues in the field of health sciences.

Students are required to develop a research proposal, conduct data gathering, perform analysis and interpretation, and connect their findings with current health issues. The goal is to recommend effective solutions to address identified problems. The culmination of the project involves writing a comprehensive project report, delivering a project presentation, and the potential for publication.

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Assignment Activity 1: Prepare a comprehensive research proposal

This activity involves creating a detailed plan for a research project. A research proposal typically includes the following elements:

  • Title: A concise and informative title for the research project.
  • Introduction: Background information, the problem statement, and the significance of the research.
  • Literature Review: A review of existing research and literature related to the topic to provide context and justify the need for the study.
  • Research Objectives: Clearly defined goals and objectives of the research.
  • Research Questions/Hypotheses: Specific questions or hypotheses that the research aims to address.
  • Methodology: Detailed explanation of the research design, data collection methods, and analysis techniques.
  • Timeline: A schedule outlining the different stages of the research and their expected completion dates.
  • Budget: An estimate of the resources required for the research, including funding, equipment, and personnel.
  • Ethical Considerations: Discussion of ethical issues and how they will be addressed during the research.

This assignment activity is essentially about planning and organizing all the aspects of a research project before actually conducting it.

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Assignment Activity 2: Analyze data, interpret results and generate a report

Analyze Data:

In this phase, you will process and examine the collected data using appropriate methods. This may include statistical analysis, data visualization, or other analytical techniques depending on the nature of the data and research objectives.

Interpret Results:

Once the data analysis is complete, you will interpret the results to draw meaningful conclusions. This involves making sense of the findings in the context of the research questions or hypotheses. Consider the implications of the results and how they contribute to the broader understanding of the topic.

Generate a Report:

After analyzing and interpreting the data, the next step is to compile the results into a comprehensive report. The report should follow a structured format, typically including the following sections:

  • Introduction: Briefly outline the research objectives and background.
  • Methodology: Describe the research design, data collection methods, and analysis techniques.
  • Results: Present the findings of the data analysis.
  • Discussion: Interpret the results, compare them with existing literature, and discuss their significance.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the key findings and their implications.
  • Recommendations (if applicable): Suggest any recommendations for future research or practical applications.

Ensure that the report is well-organized, clear, and provides a coherent narrative of the research process and outcomes. Use visuals such as charts or graphs to enhance the presentation of data.

This assignment activity requires a combination of analytical skills, critical thinking, and effective communication to convey the research findings in a meaningful way.

Assignment Activity 3: Demostrate autonomous learning through an effective dissertation writing

Assignment Activity 3 involves demonstrating autonomous learning through the effective writing of a dissertation. Here’s an explanation:

Demonstrate Autonomous Learning:

Autonomous learning refers to the ability to take charge of one’s own learning process, showing independence, self-direction, and the capacity to learn without constant supervision. In this context, you are expected to showcase your ability to independently conduct research, analyze information, and synthesize knowledge.

Effective Dissertation Writing:

Writing a dissertation is a substantial and independent piece of academic work that typically represents the culmination of your studies. To demonstrate autonomous learning through effective dissertation writing, you need to:

  • Research Independence: Conduct a thorough literature review to identify existing research in your field and understand the gaps or areas that warrant further exploration.
  • Research Design: Independently design and structure your research, including defining research questions, hypotheses (if applicable), and selecting appropriate methodologies for data collection and analysis.
  • Data Collection: Carry out the data collection process, whether through surveys, experiments, interviews, or other methods, autonomously and with attention to detail.
  • Data Analysis: Independently analyze the collected data using suitable analytical tools or techniques, demonstrating your proficiency in handling and interpreting research data.
  • Critical Thinking: Engage in critical thinking throughout the dissertation writing process, evaluating evidence, assessing methodologies, and providing thoughtful interpretations of your findings.
  • Synthesis of Knowledge: Bring together various sources of information, integrate your findings with existing literature, and present a coherent and well-argued narrative.
  • Effective Communication: Write the dissertation in a clear, structured, and academically sound manner. Demonstrate effective communication skills through the logical flow of ideas, proper citation, and adherence to academic writing conventions.

This assignment activity aims to assess not only your understanding of the subject matter but also your ability to independently navigate and contribute to the academic discourse in your chosen field through the creation of a high-quality dissertation.

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Assignment Activity 4: Demonstrate ethical value and professionalism through processes involved in a research project

Assignment Activity 4 focuses on demonstrating ethical values and professionalism throughout the processes involved in a research project. Here’s an explanation:

Demonstrate Ethical Values:

Ethical considerations are crucial in research to ensure the well-being of participants, maintain integrity, and uphold the credibility of the study. In this assignment activity, you are expected to demonstrate ethical values by:

  • Informed Consent: Clearly articulate how you will obtain informed consent from participants, ensuring they understand the purpose, risks, and benefits of the research.
  • Confidentiality: Outline measures to protect the confidentiality of participants’ information and ensure that data is handled securely.
  • Avoiding Harm: Describe how you will minimize potential harm to participants and address any risks associated with the research.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Emphasize the importance of honesty and integrity in all aspects of the research process, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Ensure that your research adheres to relevant ethical guidelines, institutional review board (IRB) approvals, and any legal requirements.

Demonstrate Professionalism:

Professionalism is essential in conducting research to establish credibility and trust. Here’s how you can demonstrate professionalism:

  • Clear Research Design: Clearly outline the research design, including methodologies, sampling techniques, and data collection methods, demonstrating a thoughtful and well-planned approach.
  • Timely Communication: Maintain effective and timely communication with participants, collaborators, and stakeholders throughout the research project.
  • Transparency: Be transparent about your research objectives, methodologies, and any potential conflicts of interest. Clearly communicate the limitations of the study.
  • Respectful Interactions: Demonstrate respect in all interactions, whether with participants, colleagues, or other stakeholders. Acknowledge and appreciate diverse perspectives.
  • Adherence to Professional Standards: Adhere to established professional standards and guidelines relevant to your field of research.
  • Responsibility: Take responsibility for the ethical conduct of the research and promptly address any ethical concerns or issues that may arise during the project.

By incorporating these ethical values and demonstrating professionalism, you contribute to the credibility and reliability of your research project while respecting the rights and well-being of those involved.

Assignment Activity 5: Present the research findings

Assignment Activity 5 involves presenting the research findings to an audience. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements:

Presentation of Research Findings:


  • Provide a brief overview of the research objectives and the context of the study.
  • Clearly state the purpose of the presentation.

Methodology Recap:

  • Concisely remind the audience of the research design, data collection methods, and analysis techniques used.


  • Present the key findings of the research in a clear and organized manner.
  • Use visuals such as charts, graphs, or tables to enhance the presentation of quantitative data.
  • Provide relevant quotes, examples, or anecdotes for qualitative findings.


  • Interpret the results in the context of the research questions or hypotheses.
  • Discuss the significance of the findings and their implications for the broader field of study.

Comparison with Literature:

  • Compare your results with existing literature, highlighting similarities, differences, or contributions to the current understanding of the topic.


  • Acknowledge any limitations or constraints encountered during the research process.
  • Discuss how these limitations may impact the interpretation of the findings.


  • Summarize the main takeaways from the research.
  • Emphasize the importance of your findings and their potential impact on the field.

Recommendations (if applicable):

  • Offer any recommendations for future research or practical applications based on your findings.

Q&A Session:

  • Allow time for questions and answers to engage the audience.
  • Be prepared to address inquiries regarding your methodology, results, and interpretations.

Professionalism in Presentation:

  • Deliver the presentation in a clear, confident, and organized manner.
  • Maintain eye contact, speak audibly, and use visual aids effectively.
  • Dress professionally and be mindful of your body language.

Remember, the goal of presenting research findings is to effectively communicate your work to an audience, whether it be peers, stakeholders, or the broader academic community. Tailor your presentation to the specific needs and expectations of your audience while ensuring clarity and professionalism.

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