ABCM2103: Explore the impact of the e-commerce revolution on consumer behavior, economic landscapes: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA AND SOCIETY Assignment, OUM, Malaysia



This assignment aims to explore the impact of the e-commerce revolution on consumer behavior, economic landscapes, and societal changes in Malaysia.

You’ll analyze how technological advancements in online shopping platforms have transformed how Malaysians shop, interact with businesses, and perceive commerce.

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  1. Introduction to e-commerce in Malaysia.
  2. Analyse how e-commerce has influenced Malaysian consumer behavior, including shopping patterns, preferences, and purchasing habits.
  3. Discuss the societal changes e-commerce brings, such as lifestyle shifts, community interactions, and urban-rural dynamics.
  4. Discuss innovations driving e-commerce growth and their impact on user experience.
  5. As a conclusion, predict future trends in e-commerce adoption, technology integration, and its broader implications for Malaysian society and economy.

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